TSA Confirms Migrants Can Use Arrest Warrants As Valid Identification To Board Airline Flights – Law Officer

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In something that may seem like a joke in the not-too-distant past, a Transportation Security Administration administrator has revealed that illegal migrants are allowed to use Department of Homeland Security documents, including arrest warrants, as identification to board U.S. flights. reported the Post Millennial. .

You read that right, and it’s not a joke. Individuals who have entered the country illegally can present “arrest warrants” as valid identification to board a flight in the United States.

Questions were raised in December when Texas Representative Lance Gooden demanded the TSA explain how illegal migrants were allowed to fly into the country without proper identification.

“The Transportation Security Administration is endangering millions of Americans flying over Christmas by allowing unknown and potentially dangerous immigrants to board commercial aircraft,” he wrote in a statement. “The American people deserve transparency and to know that American national security and their personal safety are not compromised.”

TSA administrator David Pekoske said the agency allows migrants to use two forms of alternative identification instead of traditional documents.

According to the Daily Mail, these “alternative documents” may include a “Detention of Aliens Order” and a “Removal/Deportation Order”.

In what seems like a disturbing revelation, DHS said about 159 people use these documents daily to travel within the US, the Post Millennial reported.

“TSA is committed to ensuring that all travelers, regardless of immigration status, are pre-screened before arriving at the airport, that their pre-screening status and identification are verified at security checkpoints, and that they receive appropriate risk-based screening before the sterile area of ​​the airport,” Pekoske said, as if that should put American travelers at ease.

Rep. Gooden is not signing the ridiculous protocols. He told the Daily Mail that he still believes TSA policies endanger Americans, adding: “Unknown and unscreened immigrants should not even be in the country, let alone fly without proper identification. “

He is right. If insanity weren’t the predominant mindset, these individuals wouldn’t be roaming the country freely, much less flying on American planes.

Law enforcement officers think this is a ticking time bomb. It’s not a question of if, but when it will explode.

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