First-class designer of Singapore Airlines gives A220 a VIP Make-Over

If first class just isn’t luxurious enough, why not turn an entire Airbus A220 into your own super-luxury private jet, and have a high-flying apartment on call whenever and wherever It is needed?

That’s exactly what French design agency Pierrejean Vision has mapped out – and it’s certainly not the brand’s first step into luxury travel, as founder Jacques Pierrejean is also manufactured Singapore Airlines’ Newest Generation Airbus A380 First Class Suites.

Pierrejean took the nimble Airbus A220 — a jet that now counts Qantas among its customers — and gave the empty fuselage a multi-million dollar makeover (about $100 million, if you considerBe to brag on the market for a new VIP drive) All from a private bedroom, office and dining room to an inflight shower, cocktail bar and TV suite and more.

Inside in the crazy luxury Airbus A220 VIP cabin concept

Welcome aboard! Settle in and place a seat in your spacious living room.

Fancy a drink or a pre-flight bite? Your personal cabin crew can arrange that for you.

The lounge itself offers ample storage space, including a cupboard for your bags and coat – but we’re sure the crew will take care of that.

Whether you sit down and enjoy an apéritif or your feet pops up and relax, is completely yours.

Dine above the clouds in style

Follow that arc past the plane and you’ll enter what could become the jet’s dining room.

The chairs lend themselves well to more mingling and relaxation and all adjoin a snack table, while the armchairs provide a literature pocket for any traveller’s favorite reading material.

When it’s time to dine, your own private restaurant takes shape at 40,000 feet, with place settings for up to six guests.

Of course, kitchen furnishings are entirely the owner’s choice, with typical ‘airplane’ options such as ovens and espresso machines combining features less common in the air, such as microwaves and toasters.

These are all kept out of sight, so don’t fear, they will not interfere with your interior.

To business

If there’s work to do, continue past the dining room to your high-flying office, where your desk is always ready.

Do you need a meeting? Opening the side table creates an extra workspace – and of course your jet can be equipped with high-speed satellite WiFi and its own mobile phone exchange, which makes voice calls and traditional text messages possible.

If you’ve seen the tablets in every room, you can’t by accident – the plane’s lighting, air conditioning, music, window blinds, and just about everything else can be controlled over the WiFi, with separate settings possible in each zone of the plane.

After a day of hard working, the next room is the perfect retreat …

Netflix and chill

Not you real Do you think your TV would look like a typical aircraft screen?

This Airbus A220 has an entire room devoted solely to screen time – whether that’s a range of preloaded movies and TV shows on your ultra-sharp panel, satellite channels like Sport24 or streaming services like Netflix.

Sure, there may be a friendly fight for the chaise lounge at the end, but your companions should still feel comfortable having discovered the reclining function of their chair.

As in any room on your private jet, drinks are always available on demand – just call the crew via one of the in-room tablets.

From A to B with lots of ZZZZ

Flying in Style Sure can be tiring, so when you’re done to turn it into it, go away to the bedroom.

As in many hotels, the bedding can be switched between twin or double as required.

There is also a TV here – much smaller than in the previous room of course – and a modern dresser:

Next to the TV is also a pod with a chair, lit mirrors and storage space for your bits and bobs.

Don’t forget this is your plane, so you don’t have to worry about packing your razor or straightener on every trip: they can live on the jet.

Steps through the last door reveal your own bathroom complete with a rain shower.

Looking for a soft bathrobe to complete the experience? Your jet can also be filled with those.

With a base airbus A220-300 last listed for US$91.5 million – that’s over $132 million – and your high-end fit-out taking that total even higher, it’s fair to say the A220 Private Jet – Concept for some of the world’s most expensive real estate.

From the outside it looks like a normal airplane: certainly not with the ‘wow’ factor of some Beverly Hills mansions, but you’re on the inside, fly to continent in a serious style of continent.

The only questions to answer once your Jet arrives is who you invite on its inaugural flight – and of course, what champagnes, whiskeys, gins and caviars you want on board. Yes, life is hard…

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