Connecticut man indicted, loses job over now viral smoothie rant

A Connecticut man was charged with criminal charges and lost his job after he was seen in a now-viral video yelling at employees who he believes were making a drink that caused his son’s allergy to nuts and then making a derogatory comment in which he questioned an employee’s immigration status.

The man, identified as James Iannazzo, bought a smoothie Saturday from a Robeks store in Fairfield, Connecticut, according to the Fairfield Police Department.

Police said Iannazzo later called 911 for “a minor who was suffering from an allergic reaction” who was taken to a hospital in the region.

Iannazzo then returned to the store and reportedly “talked to employees, yelled at them and demanded who made the peanut smoothie, which caused his child to have an allergic reaction,” police said in a press release.

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