Frontier launches 13 new flight routes from Chicago and Houston

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Denver-based airline enters major secondary airports

Frontier Airlines will launch 13 new routes across the Chicago and Houston markets. For the significant expansion, the airline will mainly use secondary airports.

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Tuesday’s announcement specified that Chicago’s Midway airport will receive the bulk of the new routes with ten new flights beginning in April. Hobby Airport in Houston will host three new routes in the same month.

The airline previously served both airports, but left Midway in 2015. They have not operated in Houston since 2012.


Frontier currently operates at O’Hare International Airport, Chicago’s main airport, but as new flights move to Midway, the larger hub will now operate with just four Frontier flights. The four remaining flights from O’Hare go to Orlando, San Juan, Punta Cana and Cancun.


The flights departing from Midway are as follows:

Chicago Midway (MDW) –

Atlanta – Daily from April 28th

Dallas – Daily from April 28th

Denver – Daily from April 28th

Las Vegas – Daily from April 28th

Ontario – Daily from April 28th

Phoenix – Daily from April 28th

Tampa – Daily from April 28th

Trenton – 4 times a week from April 28th

Fort Lauderdale – Daily from October 13

Orlando – Daily from October 13th

The flights departing from Hobby are as follows:


Houston Hobby (HOU)

Cancun – 3 times a week from May 26

Las Vegas – 4 times a week starting May 27

Orlando – 4 times a week from May 27

The flights based on both Midway and Hobby will compete directly with Southwest Airlines, which currently holds overall control of the airport. According to, Southwest currently controls 93% of traffic at Midway and 94% at Hobby.

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Eight of Chicago’s routes are already served by Southwest, which could be good news for passengers. Some market competition may see solid deals emerge from both sides over the next few years.

The Dallas and Trenton route are the only flights from Midway not currently served from the airport.


In Houston, Southwest will also compete for all three new routes. Cancun and Vegas in particular show strong figures for the airline, which offers three flights a day to the main tourist destinations. Both recently appeared on TripAdvisor’s most popular destinations for 2022 and had a wildly successful 2021 given the toll of the pandemic.

Frontier is not holding back its new presence in the Windy City. The airline announced one-way fares starting at $29 on all of its new routes to draw customers away from Southwest.

Las Vegas

Given the recently announced opportunity to allocate seats on Southwest flights after the airline brought in a new CEO, it might be a good time for Frontier to jump into the action. Chicago and Houston are both extremely large markets, and the routes being added are both popular for tourists and important for business.

Tourists looking at any of the new routes should keep abreast of any deals being announced from both Southwest and Frontier. A tariff war can be expected between the two airlines in the near future.

With the country going through a rough January, it’s hoped that the worst of the COVID crisis will be behind the airline sector by the time these flights roll around in April and beyond. While nothing is guaranteed, most airlines have at least stabilized their staff shortages.

Most airlines saw an unprecedented staff shortage as Omicron ripped through the US. Contagion rates are high, but airlines seem to be bearing the brunt of this current wave.

Travelers are always advised to keep abreast of new restrictions or regulations.

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