UPDATE: Hyatt, Singapore Airlines Latest To Extend Status

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Hyatt Hotels (for select members) and Singapore Airlines join most other travel providers extending status for loyal members.

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UPDATE: Not All Hyatt Members Extended

Hyatt has reached out to communicate that not all members were/will be extended. In their clarification they indicated the following:

“Hope you are well! Saw your article in Live and Let’s Fly regarding Hyatt tier extension and wanted to note that Hyatt has extended elite tier status for a relatively small group of members on a case-by-case basis and does not have plans to automatically extend status for all elite members.”

Additionally, with regard to milestones rewards, the brand clarified that milestones needed to be achieved for the associated benefits.

“Members will continue to enjoy elite tier benefits but must requalify for Milestone Rewards.”

They went on to add:

Milestone Rewards which you only earn when you complete the required number of qualifying nights or Base Points each calendar year outlined in the Milestone Rewards chart. However, those extended to the Globalist tier will continue to enjoy benefits such as Club lounge access, room upgrades to the best available room (up to standard suites), 30% point bonus, 4 pm late checkout (subject to availability), priority access to your room when checking in early, and complimentary parking on free night awards.

Those extended to Explorist tier will continue to enjoy benefits such as room upgrades to best available room (excluding suites and rooms with Club lounge access), 20% point bonus, 2 pm late checkout (subject to availability) and premium Wi-Fi (where available).

Those extended to Discoverist will continue to enjoy benefits such as preferred room upgrades, 10% point bonus, 2 pm late checkout (subject to availability) and premium Wi-Fi (where available).”

Many in the comments stated they had not received an extension and Hyatt wished to make it clear that some were but not all. In the communication I received initially (as included below) this distinction was not noted at the time and was confusing to me, as I had achieved 32 nights (thus meeting qualification requirements) but was extended anyway. They are looking into that matter.

Hyatt Hotels Extends Select Members Status Last Week

For those still waiting for a last-minute elite status extension, Hyatt Hotels Corporation has bestowed yet another year of elite status benefits upon some of its members. Elite members who were unable to achieve reduced requirements in 2021 (edit: may) retain their standing in the World of Hyatt loyalty program for another year.

It’s notable that, unlike competitors, Hyatt’s levels of elite status do not necessarily confer the benefits exclusive to that tier. For example, those that failed to achieve milestones during the prior calendar year will not receive those benefits such as Suite Upgrades (4) valid for up to seven nights each, or access to the My Hyatt Concierge service.

The hotel chain is poised for a big year with an even larger selection of properties through new construction as well as its expanding partnership with Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH.) It has also made a push for corporate spending with its new business credit card.

Singapore Airlines Extends Status To 2023

Singapore Airlines has also extended status for another year to those travelers who were unable to earn the required elite qualifying miles to maintain their standing in the program. As Singapore doesn’t use milestone awards to award benefits, those who held an elite tier will remain in the status quo until early 2023.

In a unique twist, point transfers from banking partners like American Express cards or Chase Ultimate Rewards travel credit cards can earn travelers Star Alliance Gold status for up to 24 months. That transfer negates the need to earn by flight segments (50,000 miles) and includes airport lounge access and bonus mile earning. It may also be a good replacement for flyers who have missed requalification in a program that did not extend status.

For those considering this transfer option, there are two things that seem worthy of consideration. Business cards have very high sign-up bonuses at the moment that make this more attainable without using current point balances, transfers are easy to do, and secondly, expiring miles (3 years) means that travelers will have to burn these miles in the next 36 months.

singapore airlines extends status

Hyatt Milestones Are a Fair Method For Distributing Benefits

One discussion that has come up in the comments section on other status extension posts is whether those that were able to requalify (either at standard levels or reduced qualifications) should be upset about extensions for those who did not. I was personally able to requalify under the reduced terms (finished with 32 nights of 30 required.)

Hyatt’s approach, however, somewhat satisfies both those who want to be rewarded for prioritizing Hyatt during difficult conditions and keeps those who would have liked to have traveled more but couldn’t, engaged. Delta has done a good job of this by prioritizing upgrades for Diamonds who have earned the status in 2021 over those who were extended.


While late to the party, Hyatt and Singapore have come through for (edit: some) travelers that were not able to travel at the same rate prior to the pandemic or even at a sufficient reduced rate during 2021. Rewards card transfers make the Singapore offer particularly interesting. I may be turning my opinion on milestone awards despite not earning many of them myself, it seems to be a fair way to approach things even if that’s not how I felt in the past and it doesn’t benefit me personally now.

What do you think? Is there a travel brand you’re waiting on to extend status that either hasn’t made an announcement or didn’t select your account?

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