evo launches Adventure Hotel in Salt Lake City

Expect boho chalet rooms, climbing and skating facilities, gear shops and eclectic local art.

Twenty years ago, evo was a small-scale seller of specialized outdoor equipment. Several branches and 600 employees later, the versatile company will try its hand as an urban adventure hotelier.

Pack your plans, because the evo Hotel will open from February 1. Here’s what we know so far about this adventure hotel.

evo Hotel: Adventures & Campus SLC

The company’s flagship hotel and urban resort is located in Salt Lake City’s Granary District, just minutes from the nearest pathsslopes and climbing areas.

on evo grounds, guests will find a myriad of activities and art.

evo Hotel SLC common area; (photo/evo)

Hotel & Guestrooms

With 50 rooms, the hotel is adjacent to a boutique. Each room will feature a different artist’s work and customers will be able to choose from four general motifs:

  • Boulder: Retro, industrial atmosphere and located above the climbing hall of the hotel
  • bunk bed: Minimalist but soft, with room for the crew
  • frame: Cozy, lush and located high above all the hustle and bustle
  • Wasatch: Private terrace overlooking the Wasatch Range

Prices for stays start at $126 for the standard single room and go up to $160 for the suite with six bunk beds.

Salt Lake Campus Activities and Amenities

But adventure awaits outside the door, right? Lodging is just one part of the resort’s 100,000-square-foot campus.

Hotel guests have access to all Campus Salt Lake amenities, including (but not limited) to:

  • All together skate park
  • Bouldering Project climbing hall (opening April 2022)
  • evo Salt Lake equipment store
  • Level nine sports

Soon, evo will open the Markthal, which will accommodate a handful of additional TBD options.

For a company that supposedly strives for “all things relevant to” [its] community in one creative space, “the evo Hotel seems unashamedly unbranded to me.

Read more about evo’s SLC experience at campus.evo.com and book with evohotel.com.

evo SLC gear shop;  (photo/evo)
evo SLC gear shop; (photo/evo)
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