Pokémon opens up luxury hotel experience with exclusive merchandise

Pokémon has teamed up with a well-known streetwear designer and a luxury hotel in Tokyo’s Shibuya district to deliver an exclusive premium experience.

pokemon Japan fans with money to burn should check out the Inn Thunderbolt Project, a new themed hotel experience coming to Tokyo.

As reported by Hypebeast Japan, pokemon has taken over the 16th floor of the Shibuya-based luxury hotel “sequence”. Rooms on the floor have been renovated to provide pokemon themed wallpaper, soft furnishings, “Rare Candy” branded pillow coins, and even physical Pokédex books, which are designed to resemble the bibles often placed in hotel closets. Guests also have access to a gift shop that sells exclusive pokemon merchandise, including stuffed animals, that are not available anywhere else.

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Available until March 20, the Inn Thunderbolt Project was designed by Japanese artist Hiroshi Fujiwara, founder of the streetwear label “fragment design”. The hotel is now taking reservations for the special themed rooms, although it’s worth noting that Japan is currently curtailing international travel due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, so the themed experience will likely be limited to pokemon fans who are already in the country.

A one night stay in one of the hotel’s deluxe suites starts at 97,560 yen (about $850 USD), which is still significantly cheaper than the $3.5 million USD YouTuber Logan Paul recently dropped on a supposedly unopened box with original pokemon cards that ended up being fake. Paul bought the box of cards in December from collector Matt Allen, who believed the cards were legitimate because the box had been verified by the Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE). It is still unknown whether Paul has received his money back.

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The hotel would be the ideal place to curl up in bed and eat with a copy of the latest pokemon video game, Pokemon Legends Arceus, which will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on January 28th. Nintendo and developer Game Freak detailed the game’s myriad of new features with a steady release of new trailers showing off its brand new open world, overhauled combat mechanics, and unique setting inspired by feudal Japan. Set in the distant past of Generation 4’s Sinnoh region, when the region was still known as ‘Hisui’, the game tells the story of the trainers who put together the original Pokédex. Early reviews for the title have already praised it for its evolution of the traditional series formula, although it has received some criticism for its visual and technical achievements.

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Source: Hypebeast JP, Instagram

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