Puppies fly from Mobile to find new homes

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Several dogs from the Mobile SPCA are on the trip of a lifetime. They didn’t have a plane ticket, but boarded a plane for a better life in the north. At least once a month, the Mobile SPCA partners with the national ASPCA to send dozens of dogs to states like Massachusetts, where the stray population is virtually zero.

WKRG was there on a cold morning when 36 dogs were crated and loaded onto a cargo plane. About a dozen volunteers from the Mobile SPCA assisted in the rapid process. It only took 10 minutes to get all the dogs out of the SPCA vans and onto the plane.

“I’m glad these dogs are getting a home,” said volunteer Janel Williams.

“They are a little anxious, but they ride with their buddies. They’ll be fine,” said executive director Janine Woods. “It’s emotional to see them go because we’ve been taking care of them for weeks and weeks. They come in, and they are wormy with annelids. They look awful, but by the time they go they are fat and sassy. It is awesome. We save lives.”

The Mobile SPCA partners with the national ASPCA for the Relocation Flight Program, which flies thousands of dogs a year to shelters in the north. Monique Ward, the ASPCA Flight Coordinator, said they have transported more than 190,000 animals (147,000 dogs and 43,000 cats) since the program started in 2014.

“We send them to shelters where they have the right funding, community involvement and volunteers that the southern shelters don’t have,” Ward said.

Within hours, the Alabama dogs landed in Massachusetts and were sent to three shelters. Staff at Second Chance Animal Services in Brookfield, MA said they don’t have a hard time finding the homes of these dogs.

“We are so grateful to be able to help overcrowded shelters in Alabama and bring pets here for the families waiting for them,” said Linsay Doray of Second Chance Animal Services.

Within a few days, the dogs find a home. WKRG spoke with the Bajpai family of Natick, Massachusetts. They love their Alabama dog, Lali.

“Our dog, Lali, is from the Mobile SPCA. She is the sweetest smartest girl and she completes our family,” said Nandini Bajpai.

It took a lot of dedicated people in the rescue community to get these dogs across the country to their new homes, but the long journey was definitely worth it.

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