Man pronounces prophetic judgment on Spirit Airlines staff in Las Vegas… over carry-on luggage

A man has been arrested for arguing with Spirit Airlines staff over the cost of carry-on baggage at Las Vegas Airport, at one point making prophetic judgments about gate agents charging him for his carry-on baggage.

The Prophet: Carry-on Baggage Leads Man to Judgment on Spirit Airlines Employees

Olalekan Oguntiba lives in Vallejo, California, but was at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas for a flight to Cleveland (CLE). A report from the Las Vegas Police Department notes that the trouble started at check-in, when Oguntiba was told he had to pay to bring his carry-on bag on board (Spirit Airlines allows one free under-seat item, but charges extra charge if you wish take a larger or second carry-on bag on board).

He protested the unexpected fee, but eventually paid it. Yet he continued to berate the staff for the fee and this continued even after he left the check-in desk, went through security and walked to the departure gate.

At the gate, Oguntiba raised his voice to such a degree that there was unrest. The police were called and went to the gate in an attempt to calm him down.

It didn’t work: Oguntiba continued to raise his voice, yelling that the Spirt Airlines employees who charged him for his carry-on baggage will be judged “at the time of death” for their behavior. Because he refused to turn down the volume, Spirit Airlines denied him passage to Cleveland and police informed him that he had to leave the airport because he was no longer a ticketed passenger.

He refused, insisting that he board anyway. Refusing to leave or to mute his voice, he was arrested and even handcuffed after resisting arrest.

In recent years, Spirit Airlines has done a much better job of disclosing its fare structure, which includes charging for carry-on luggage. This was not always the case, especially with online travel agencies such as Travelocity or Expedia, where so many passengers book their tickets. It’s not clear where Oguntiba booked his ticket, but I’d be surprised if the cost wasn’t disclosed in advance. If they weren’t, I understand his anger.


A Spirit Airlines passenger was arrested in Las Vegas when he just couldn’t bear the budget airline’s carry-on charges. As annoying as they are, I’m not sure why he kept fighting the battle after he paid…he had already lost the war.

mug shot: LVPD

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