BOCC decides to rehearse country holiday petition

WALLACE — The Shoshone Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) has met with legal counsel Susan Weeks to request a rehearsal about a country vacation on a section of road in southern Shoshone County.

Weeks, representing Buell Bros., Inc., claimed that her clients had not received a procedural process, as it concerns a decision by the BOCC late last year to cancel Buell Bros., Inc.’s petition. because it concerned the clearance and abandonment of part of Potlatchweg.

According to a new petition filed in early December 2021, Weeks alleged that Shoshone County Planning and Zoning had provided the BOCC with a staff report supporting the petition’s rejection. 14, 2021.

Due to this limited time, the petitioner did not have the opportunity to fully assess the report and to oppose any form of rebuttal.

It was also alleged that after the hearing took place, the BOCC told all parties involved that additional information and clarification was needed before they could make a decision – although Weeks claimed in her petition that that evidence had been sought incorrectly because the public was not aware of the informed of several conversations that have allegedly taken place regarding the petition.

According to a report from P&Z, the affected section of Potlatch Road has been improved for public use, but Weeks also refuted that statement in her most recent petition.

“The only right-of-way improvement near the abandonment identified during the public hearing was an area being improved by Public Works to remove water from Big Creek for its water trucks,” the petition reads.

On Tuesday, Weeks requested that with all the alleged procedural flaws during the first petition, the BOCC would repeat the petition and hear all the evidence involved — including sufficient time for any rebuttals.

The BOCC agreed with Weeks’s sentiments and unanimously endorsed the petition.

“When I go through this, I believe there is enough evidence to rerun the hearing,” BOCC chairman Mike Fitzgerald said. “Also in my experience, when we closed the hearing, it turned out that there are a lot of moving parts and pieces around this package, so it’s not just an isolated issue and I think it warrants another hearing so that new evidence can be brought in.” introduced and we can make a more holistic decision regarding the issue in question, plus a decision that can lead to the area becoming more useful for everyone.”

The new hearing date has not been set at this time, but the BOCC expects it to be in about a month.

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