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A Peoria woman turns to 3 On Your Side for answers, after her flight to go and bury a loved one was canceled.

PEORIA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — Jessica Spearman booked a flight for herself and her kids to California. But unfortunately, on the day of departure, they never even left Sky Harbor Airport. “I have the confirmation from Travelocity,” Spearman said.

Travelocity is a popular travel website that consumers use to book trips, including airfare. Spearman used Travelocity to book a very important trip last April. “On April 21, we were supposed to fly out for my kid’s father’s burial.”

Spearman and her kids were taking cremated remains to a California cemetery for burial. The bleak event was supposed to help bring closure. But when Spearman and her kids showed up at Sky Harbor Airport, they received bad news.

“We were there 2 hours early. We went through American Airlines; they wouldn’t let us board the plane, they said that the seats hadn’t been confirmed through Travelocity, so they didn’t reserve them,” Spearman explained.

Spearman paid Travelocity nearly $1,000 for plane tickets, which also included cancellation protection. But Spearman says there was some kind of mix-up between Travelocity and the airline, a mistake that she insists wasn’t her fault.

“American Airlines didn’t see the funds come through; nobody would help us, so we were there at the airport with the remains in our bag with the kids, and we couldn’t board the plane.”

Having no explanation as to why her non-refundable airline tickets were voided, Spearman turned to 3 On Your Side, and we reached out to Travelocity. The travel website told us the flights were reportedly canceled using a mobile device. American Airlines also told 3 On Your Side that their system indicates the tickets were canceled a day before departure. However, Spearman says that’s impossible. She never canceled anything, not even by accident. To make matters worse, Spearman and her family never made it to the burial.

“It was devastating. They didn’t want their dad to be buried without them being there, you know, and it was their final, you know, a closure that they had, and they missed out on that, and it was devastating for them.”

Below is an email Travelocity sent to 3 On Your Side:

“Our team looked into this case, and ultimately, the airline has advised that a refund is not within policy and has instead confirmed credit, which can be found and used under Coupons and Credits in Ms. Spearman’s account. Ms. Spearman booked non- fundable flights, and cancellation was initiated by the customer via the mobile site. As you can see from the screenshot you’ve provided, it notes that the correspondence is related to an insurance plan purchase, not a fee for cancellation. or interrupts the trip for a covered reason such as injury or sickness.”

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