We adopted a grown woman and paid for her flights to America, now she’s GHOSTEN us

A COUPLE feared they would be ghosted after paying the fare of a transatlantic flight for an adult woman they would adopt.

Danny and Christy, who will appear in a new A&E TV documentary series, expressed concern about their potential new relative when she failed to contact them at the airport.


Danny and Christy would adopt a young woman from Austria
But they soon feared that the woman would ghost them after failing to contact them at the airport


But they soon feared that the woman would ghost them after failing to contact them at the airport

In a sneak peek clip for the show, which follows six stories of adults seeking legal adoption, we meet a couple who are about to adopt a young pregnant woman from Austria named Ileana.

But when the big day arrived, the couple was left “stressed” and “anxious” when it turned out that the mother-to-be didn’t show up.

The frantic video, released by People, opens as Danny is on the phone to get information about her flight.

“I’m stressed, I’m anxious. Since I booked the ticket, I was hoping they would tell me there’s a butt in the seat, but I couldn’t get through it,” he says.

His partner Christy then adds: “We can’t contact Ileana, we don’t really know what to do, we spend money on Ileana’s plane tickets and now she has ghosted us”,

“I’m worried Danny is being used and I’ve been being used for a few months now. He sends her money and basically asks how high to jump.”

A panicked Danny then decides he should try to meet Ileana at the airport.

“I know what’s going to happen, which is we go to Columbus. It’s the only sensible thing we can do,” he says.

“Christy is very concerned about, ‘Was Ileana legit? Is she catfishing us? Is there a money issue here?’ he adds nervously.

Viewers can tune in to the premiere of Adults Adopting Adults on the A&E channel on Jan. 31 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

The show will also be available on-demand and streaming on the A&E app and aetv.com, according to the network.

What exactly is Adult Adoption of Adults all about?

Adults Adopting Adults is a new 10-episode series that follows six stories of adults seeking legal adoption

The legality of adult adoption varies from state to state, and the reasons for each adult seeking adult adoption are unique to each person.

The term “chosen family” is most often used to refer to the LGBT community, as they find family in communities outside of the families they were born into.

The same can be said of those who are estranged from their families for various reasons.

“While some who participate want to establish genuine family ties, others may have more deceptive or even sinister motivations,” the A&E network writes.

Trailer for new reality show Adults adopting adults

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