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A Milledgeville man, reportedly angry that his tattoo gun broke while trying to complete a job, was arrested for firing rifles in the parking lot of a local hotel.

No one was injured in the shooting, which occurred just before 10:30 p.m. Wednesday outside a room at the Super Inn & Suites on North Columbia Street in Milledgeville.

The suspect was identified as Dvontez Robbins, according to an incident report filed by Milledgeville police officer Jalen Webb.

Robbins was arrested after a hotel clerk heard the sound of at least seven gunshots in the parking lot.

The suspect was charged with one count of reckless conduct and one count of firing a firearm near a public road, records show. Both charges are felonies.

After Robbins was arrested, he was taken by an officer with the Milledgeville police officer to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center and jailed.

MPD officer Webb said in his report that he and Officer Serenity Peavey were responding to a call at the hotel regarding gunshots being fired.

Officers patrolled the area looking for shell casings. While officers were patrolling the hotel, the receptionist called the police to report that a man had walked out of the hotel room and started shooting with a rifle and pistol.

Webb said he and Peavey later parked across the street from the hotel and waited for additional help from fellow police officers so they could set up a perimeter.

Webb said he spoke to both the receptionist and a management representative, who indicated he had surveillance footage of the incident. The man also confirmed that a man walked out of a room in the hotel and started shooting with a rifle and pistol. The guard was later looked at by the officer.

Webb said in his report that the man fired toward Butler Ford’s area, which is located at 2631 N. Columbia St.

“Once I met Agent Taylor Schneider and Agent Jake Brooks, Agent Marvelous Porter, Sgt. B. Thomas and Lieutenant Ryan Chapple on the north side of the hotel, surrounded the building with their police issued weapons drawn and pointed toward the hotel room.

A short time later, the suspect walked out of the room with things in his hands. He was immediately detained by Schneider and Brooks.

MPD detective Phillip Vinson arrived at the scene and began the investigation.

A woman who was getting a tattoo by Robbins at the time told police that Robbins became “frustrated” and then grabbed a pack of cigarettes and went outside to smoke. The woman said Robbins had become frustrated with the tattoo gun not working.

The woman later said she heard the sound of several gunshots.

Police found evidence at the scene, including weapons and various ammunition.


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