Children rescued after falling through ice during excursion at Mantua Reservoir

Three children fell through the ice on Friday during an excursion to the Mantua Reservoir. All were rescued and went home unharmed. (Mike Anderson, KSL TV)

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MANTUA, Box Elder County – Three children made it home safely on Friday after falling through the ice during a school field trip at Mantua Reservoir.

There were about 50 first and second graders on the lake – all had to have parents with them on the trip.

The charter school principal said they had taken steps to check the ice for safety, but the unexpected happened anyway.

“The ice was 6 inches thick where they were fishing, so it seemed very safe, and they had professionals helping them out,” said Jennifer Blaine, director of the Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning in Perry.

Blaine said several expert fishermen escorted groups of children and parents onto the ice Friday morning.

“They’re studying the fish in depth for the semester and they had the chance to go to the Mantua Reservoir and experience ice fishing,” she said.

Blaine said the groups of children and parents were scattered across the lake.

It’s a field trip that the school has been doing for 10 years without any major problems, until now.

Brigham City firefighters believe one or two students stepped into previously dug fishing holes.

“Another kid was in a sled and was being pulled by a sled dog, and that’s where the ice broke,” Blaine said. “It was thinner west of the lake and went in briefly, but the adult quickly grabbed it out.”

Blaine said the other two children were also taken out immediately – one was up to their ankles, while the other two were up to their waists.

The fire brigade got everyone off the ice at the time.

Now there are new warning signs along the western side of the lake, where the ice is thinner.

“We have letters of consent and safety precautions and are doing everything we can, but accidents still happen,” Blaine said.

There were no injuries, according to the fire service. All three children went home with their parents.

“I’m just so grateful. Grateful that everyone is safe and thankful that we have community support and help when needed,” Blaine said.

Blaine said that as soon as she learned about the accidents, she sent out a clever warning to parents asking everyone to get off the ice.

By the time she reached the Mantua Reservoir from the school, which is about a 10-minute drive away, she said everyone was gone.

Mike Anderson

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