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100 years ago

1922: George Hochderffer, the popular young rancher in Kendrick Park, recently suddenly decided that he had been engaged long enough. He telephoned the young woman, the charming and talented Miss Gertrude Cantrell of Los Angeles, and asked her to come back to Flagstaff and get married. She telegraphed back to ask if he wanted to come there. George took the train to Los Angeles. The young woman, who changed her mind, as young women often do, phoned George and said she was going to Flagstaff. Mesdames James and Hugh Tillman, who knew all about the previous telegrams, went to work on more telegrams, with the result that the lovers didn’t stop by the road but met at Needles. They came back and were married Monday night at JG Tillman’s house by Reverend HH Gillies. Now they’re snowed in and can’t get to the Hochderffer Ranch, and George doesn’t want the news of the wedding to get out until he and his bride are out of town.

Business conditions will be much better in Flagstaff this summer. There is no doubt about it. With an excellent range and better prices for wool and mutton, this cheap grower will be in much better shape than last year. Livestock markets haven’t improved, but range has – which is a net gain. Re-opening mines in a general resumption of construction activity across the country will keep our major sawmills busy. It shouldn’t surprise us if our mills produce all the wood they can in a short time. The local farmers have thrived on last year’s crops, which they have re-established after the previous bad season, and the late snow has kept the soil saturated so that dry farming, even if we don’t have that much wet weather next summer, the problem won’t be nearly as severe as last summer.

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75 years ago

1947: Charter flights are now available in Flagstaff with the addition of two new aircraft. The Luscombe can accommodate one passenger and a pilot. The Stinson Voyager fits three passengers and a pilot. A party of three passengers pays $18.25 per person for a round trip flight to Phoenix.

Two motorboats about 28 feet in length, with flat bottoms for use on the river, were unloaded this week in Flagstaff and transported by trailer to Lees Ferry, on the Colorado River in northern Coconino County, for use in exploratory work associated with the proposed Glen Canyon dam project. Engineers responsible for the preliminary investigations agreed with County Engineer Ralph G. Barney to use a Coconino County heavy trailer to move the boats to the research camp near the ferry. For about three months, a party has been camping by the ferry, collecting data related to the dam project. The boats made the trip to Flagstaff from New Orleans.

50 years ago

1972: Flagstaff Police are ordered to return Robert Moormann, who was arrested Thursday in Las Vegas after surrendering along with his 8-year-old inmate, to Flagstaff today to face charges of kidnapping. A city police detective was due to drive to Las Vegas today to pick up Moormann and two other Flagstaff officers who have handled investigations and extradition cases. The 8-year-old girl was reunited with her parents shortly before 4 p.m. Thursday at a private air terminal at Las Vegas McCarran Airport. The reunion ended a two-day ordeal for the family with police officers across Northern Arizona successfully attempting to locate Norman and the young girl traveling west on Interstate 40 in an identified car. Moormann and the young girl appeared. Thursday afternoon shortly before noon at the Las Vegas Police Department. Moormann lowered a gun and handcuffs before being taken into custody.

Barry M. Goldwater, the junior senator from Arizona and former presidential candidate, will be the keynote speaker at the 1972 Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Presidents Banquet. The banquet will be held Feb. 15 in the Southern University Union Ballroom. academic center of Northern Arizona University. Goldwater launched his political career in 1949 when he was elected to the Phoenix City Council. Three years later, he won a seat in the United States Senate until 1964, when he resigned as the Republican Party presidential candidate.

25 years ago

1997: Flagstaff Police are investigating the disappearance of nearly $1,400 from Flagstaff City Court during the same time period the court vault was missing a door, allowing unauthorized access by court personnel. The City Collections Administrator reported to the Flagstaff Police Department on Tuesday that $1,395 has been missing in a series of incidents since October. This summer it turned out that an envelope with an unknown number of handwritten receipts was missing. The door to the court’s internal vault, which contains mostly cash and the checks the court pulls in, was removed by a locksmith in September when the tumblers fell out of place and the vault unlocked. The internal one is in a different vault that remains unlocked during business hours.

Once the mainstay of South Milton and currently its biggest eyesore, the Flamingo Hotel is the palace of asbestos. According to the city’s building inspector, it will not be demolished for a month. On August 1, 1996, the inspector ordered the closure of the Flamingo El Rancho motel. But that order was extended twice before it was determined in late December that the building was insulated with the cancer-causing material. The owners hired Western Technologies, a Flagstaff environmental company, to oversee the demolition.

Flagstaff will have to spend a lot of money and increase its conservation efforts to keep the city from going thirsty as the city moves into the 21st century. That was the message from three water experts at a Friends of Flagstaff’s Future forum held Wednesday at the Coconino Center for the Arts. Flagstaff’s city utility director and a geology professor from Northern Arizona University addressed a crowd of about 40 about the methods and limitations of water abstraction. Ration is a word that people don’t want to hear and politicians don’t want to utter. For now, the city will survive. Upper Lake Mary is usually the main source of city water. If not recharged by new drainage, it can still support Flagstaff’s water needs for two years on its own. Flagstaff’s water exploration efforts conducted in conjunction with the US Geological Survey are aimed at future and current residents of Flagstaff.

All events are taken from songs from the Arizona Daily Sun and its predecessors, the Coconino Weekly sun and the Coconino Sun.

Bruce Carl Ertmann assisted in putting the events together.


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