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A milestone in Air India’s history, when it returned to the Tata Group after 69 years. Tata acquired a 100 percent stake in Air India on January 27, completing the loop.

The hope is high, as all eyes are on the Tata Group to change the fortunes of the airlines. So if you’re ready to experience the famous maharaja experience the Tata way, pack your bags to board the flights below.

The enhanced services will initially be offered on AI864 (Mumbai-Delhi), AI687 (Mumbai-Delhi), AI945 (Mumbai-Abu Dhabi) and AI639 (Mumbai-Bengaluru) flights. Apart from this, these services will also be offered on Mumbai-Newark flights and five Mumbai-Delhi flights. Tata will soon expand these services to other international and domestic flights.

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What exact changes can be expected from the Tata Group? Here’s a list:

Smart and groomed cabin crew members

The crew members will have to be neatly dressed and groomed and there will be grooming executives who will carry out checks at the airports.

Better on-time execution of flights

As timely execution is extremely important, crew members will need to make every effort to ensure doors are closed 10 minutes prior to flight departure.

Calling passengers as “guests”

The employees have been told by the Tata Group that there will be a change in the “image, attitude and perception” of Air India, they said. Cabin crew members have been instructed to address all passengers as “guests,” and cabin crew supervisors will be required to ensure safety and service standards are provided to guests, they noted.

Improved in-flight meal service

In the first days after the acquisition, passengers on select flights will receive an improved meal service. This enhanced meal service is being phased out to passengers on all Air India flights.

Consolidated network

Air India is India’s largest international airliner and now has more than 200 aircraft and more than 80 domestic and international destinations. The group now has two full-service airlines – Vistara and Air India – along with two low-cost carriers – Air India Express and AirAsia India – and a ground and cargo handling company, AISATS. According to sources, it plans to test synergies between all its airlines in order to compete in different market segments.

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