Adam Radogna: Spirit Airlines Lets Flyer Remove ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Mask In Video

A Spirit Airlines passenger on Friday, January 28, was told to remove his mask that reads ‘Let’s Go Brandon FJB’. The slogan, popular among supporters of former President Donald Trump, is the code for “F**k Joe Biden”.

The viral TikTok video shows Adam Radogna, who flew Spirit Airlines from Ohio to Florida, wearing an electronic mask during the flight, is approached by a flight attendant who found it offensive and asks Adam instead wear a mask provided by the airline.


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The flight attendant said, “It could be insulting. So we’re not going back and forth. Go ahead and put on the blue one, okay.”

“This isn’t America anymore,” Radogna replied on the video after the flight attendant ran away. “It’s not America anymore. They make their own rules. It’s her rule.”

“Let’s go Brandon” has been a popular slogan among conservatives since NBC Sports reporter, during an interview with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, stated that fans in the background were saying “Let’s go Brandon” when their actual rally cry was “F**k Joe Biden.”

Radogna has accused the private airline of violating its First Amendment rights, which prevent Congress from passing laws restricting free speech. Rodgna also said he was not asked to take off his sweatshirt, which also read “Let’s Go Brandon.”

The attendant can be seen telling Radogna that political statements in flight are prohibited. Radogna retaliates by stating that a mask with the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ would probably be allowed on the airline.

Even when the flight attendant asks about it, Radogna suddenly claims that his first name is Brandon.

The viral video is viewed by thousands of people on TikTok alone. Radogna also uploaded a follow-up video where he can be seen confronting several Spirit Airline flight attendants after reaching the destination.

Spirit Airlines has still not responded since the incident, but they posted a general notice that Radogna could contact them via direct message to file a complaint with the airline.

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