Halle Bailey Shares Video Of Vacation In The Maldives, Teases New Solo

Fans finally got a peek at the sensational singer Halle Bailey on her vacation in the Maldives. It isn’t all relaxation for the singer as she is also working on a new song.

Halle took to Twitter to post a 19 seconds video of her time on the island. The video showed her riding a white bicycle in a mini aqua dress and a quick switch to dancing in a lit space while wearing a slim-strapped long brown dress.

Halle gave fans a teaser of her new solo in the video as she sang the words, “I love you love you love you like that, you love me love me love me like that.”

She wrote above the video, “having so much fun in the Maldives, working on new music can’t wait to put it out for y’all.”

About 166,000 fans viewed the video, and it got over 21,000 likes. Several fans complimented Bailey’s buttery voice and expressed their anticipation for the upcoming single.

A fan was pretty excited about her solo music being an excellent start for 2022, while another was expecting greatness to come—what a great way for the 21-year-old to end the month.

Halle Bailey Reflects On Experience With “The Little Mermaid” filming

In July 2021, Halle announced the conclusion of the filming of “The Little Mermaid” with reflective words and a lovely photo of herself.

Since the production process about two years ago, the actress went through some challenges and learned a lot from the experience. She wrote that they finally made it, and she felt grateful for the glorious experience.

The Blast previously reported that “The Little Mermaid” actress auditioned for the movie in 2018 when she turned 19, but unfortunately, the project was delayed due to the pandemic.

She admitted that despite being much stronger after her experience with the project, she felt self-doubt and loneliness while being away from familiar people in her life. It was pretty tough for the star.

Halle didn’t stop there with her words; she went on to express gratitude to her co-stars for their talent. She also commended their readiness in welcoming her to the team.

The Atlanta native concluded with a good word for Sardinia, the Italian island where they filmed the movie. She also showed much excitement for her supporters to see the film after its release.


The Younger Of The Chloe x Halle Duo Splits With Sis On Social Media

filming “The Little Mermaid” took a toll on Halle’s social media relationship with her elder sister Chloe Bailey as they announced their separation last January since they were both in separate places.

The sisters revealed that they would still have collaborations even with separate social media pages and that distance wasn’t a barrier in their relationship.

Fans expressed disbelief and worry for the pair, but they needed not to as later in July, the younger of the sisters celebrated her sister’s 23rd birthday with a beautiful message.

The Blast reported that she expressed her pride and love as she wrote how grateful she was to have been part of Chloe’s journey in life.

As her mentor and best friend, Chloe’s experiences have taught the younger star, and she couldn’t be prouder.

The R&B singer was always inspired by her older sister’s boldness in speaking up and being herself. She felt blessed for her support and concluded the message with how much she missed her sister.

Halle Bailey & Chloe Bailey at the POPSUGAR X ABC

Chloe Bailey Opens Up About Her Body-Shaming Experience

Following the sister’s split, Chloe made quite a reputation for herself. From her feature on the cover of In The Know Magazine to her solo debut, the extraordinary singer has been making waves.

During an interview with Elaine Welteroth, a representative of In The Know Magazine, Chloe spoke about self-love and appreciating her adorable self as it was.

Being in a transition phase was hard on the 23-year-old as she experienced growing pains, which she described as her difficulty speaking up for herself.

She admitted that her sister’s presence made it easier for her, but she eventually learned to love herself enough never to be mute no matter people’s opinions.

Her solo act gained both admirers and haters who inspired her song “Have Mercy” and most of the songs on her album.

The Blast shared that Chloe further opened up on “The Real”about her body-shaming experience.

She was satisfied with the fans that genuinely cared for her, and negative opinions about her body didn’t matter to her, as far as she was her authentic self.

Later in August, Chloe was emotional on YouTube and revealed how she was mentally affected by the negative comments about her sex appeal.

Fortunately for the American actress, she has chosen to love herself and be self-confident in her skin as not everyone could like her.

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