Pool heater may have been source for carbon monoxide leak at hotel

The source of a carbon monoxide leak at the Hampton Inn in Marysville Saturday that hospitalized multiple people may have came from a pool heater, according to police and fire officials.

The Marysville Division of Fire and Division of Police are investigating the incident to confirm the origin of the carbon monoxide and determine what caused it to build up to such high levels inside the building, according to a Monday news release.

Ohio’s fire code does not require hotels to have carbon monoxide detectors in the pool area of ​​the hotel. Inspections and licensing of public water facilities, such as the hotel pool and hot tub, are done by local health departments.

Information on the Union County Health Department’s website shows the most recent inspection of the pool and hot tub at the Hampton Inn occurred on Dec. 13. There is no information available on the report as to whether the facilities passed inspection or had violations.

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