albemarle co. hotel canceling reservations for PrezCon participants

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) – Some avid board gamers are steamed after losing hotel reservations in Albemarle County. They are part of PrezCon, and they say they were booted from the DoubleTree.

PrezCon is a board game tournament that hosts one of its convention right here in Albemarle County, but this year many gamers are pulling out over a change in location.

“I’ve gone, I think, for the last five or six years. Well, not last year. Covid shut it down,” PrezCon participant Jeff Miller said.

Miller says he had plans to travel from Pennsylvania to attend the convention in Albemarle County.

“I’m guessing they pull in some place between 500 and 1,000 people I would say during the course of the week. Very small, relatively small, friendly group. I’ve always enjoyed it,” Miller said.

This year, a wrench in the usual plan is causing many of the gamers to cancel their trips. There will be space for gaming, but not rooms to stay in.

“I got an email from the locations manager that basically said all the reservations are canceled, and I had made it back in June of last year. So I called him and said so what’s up I’ve never had run into this experience. He says, ‘well, we had another group that, you know, we gave preference to’ basically,” Miller said.

NBC29 stopped by the DoubleTree on Route 29 North to try and get an answer. The general manager there says because it is a contractual issue he could not comment. He did say a little more in an email to PrezCon guests.

The email reads:

“Dear PrezCon guests,

The time is almost here to gather, play & win! The Doubletree Charlottesville Team is excited to be the 2022 Host Hotel and we look forward to serving you.

Unfortunately, at this time the DT is significantly over committed and must relocate your accommodation to the Holiday Inn Charlottesville, 3 miles away, located at 1901 Emmet St N, Charlottesville, VA 22901. You should receive a confirmation from the Holiday Inn before the end of this week.

click Lord to learn more about the Holiday Inn’s amenities and services. A hotel shuttle will be available, with a schedule coming shortly.”

The email also offered a shuttle service to and from the DoubleTree — where games would still be played — but some guests says that does not work for them.

“You may be playing a game for you know, two or three hours you get at a break, you can run up to the room, catch up on emails, whatever else you may need to deal with, and then to go back down using a shuttle is not as easy to do obviously, especially when you’re talking we’re there for seven days,” Miller said.

“A lot of people are not going because of what DoubleTree did, a lot of the people including myself will not attend PrezCon again, if they don’t move out of the DoubleTree,” PrezCon participant Wade Hyett from West Virginia said.

NBC29 also reached out to PrezCon organizers for comment on this but have not yet heard back.

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