Cboe FX volumes rebound double digits as traders return from vacation

Cboe’s institutional spot FX platform on Tuesday reported ‎its trading volumes for January 2022, which saw a ‎positive performance as a rise in volatility encouraged more buying and selling ‎of currencies relative to the month prior.‎


During January 2022, Cboe FX disclosed a total trading volume of $768 billion, up 13 percent on a month-over-month basis from $681 ‎billion in December‎. In addition, the figure was higher by 10 percent year-over-year when weighed against $700 billion in January 2021.

The exchange’s institutional FX trading venue saw its average daily trading volumes amounting to $36.5 billion in January 2022, up 23 percent month-over-month from $29.6 billion in December 2021. The ADV figure was the highest since February 2021.

On a year-over-year basis, the ADV numbers released by Cboe FX, formerly Hotspot, illustrated stronger performance, rising by 4 percent when weighed against $35 billion a year earlier.‎

Cboe FX turnover crossed the $1 trillion milestone in 2021 amid coronavirus-driven volatility that has shaken awake previously slumbering FX markets. However, activity at major institutional ECNs has been consolidating last year as intense chaos triggered by Covid-19 lost some steam.

The venue also hit its annual peak for 2021 in March at $880 billion. Since then, demand for Cboe’s versatile products has been muted as concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty surrounding the FED’s policy drove many investors onto the sidelines.

Cboe widens FX market share

Cboe’s foreign exchange franchise saw its market share at a new all-time high of 17.0 percent in the Q3 2021 compared to 15.9 percent in last year’s third quarter.

Despite a challenging cost environment, Cboe’s Global FX posted $14.3 million in net revenue during the third quarter, up 8 percent on a yearly basis. Average daily turnover traded on the Cboe FX platform was $32.4 billion for the quarter, up 7 percent from last year’s third quarter while net capture per one million dollars traded was $2.77.

Recently, Cboe FX Markets teamed up with XTX Markets to launch a hosted algorithmic execution service. The connection between the London-based market maker and Cboe comes as algo trading as an execution strategy gains popularity with FX traders.

XTX Markets’ Execution Algo now enables Cboe FX users to benefit from its implementation shortfall execution algorithm, which aims to reduce slippage to arrival price. The institutional FX venue has also secured exclusive rights over use of the XTX Algo in the anonymous ECN space.

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