Hotel Transylvania 4 Wasted Dennis and Winnie

Dracula’s family problems in Hotel Transylvania: Transformania force the movie to waste the franchise’s best characters.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania, streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

In the first three Hotel Transylvania movies, as much fun as it was seeing Dracula and his cohorts running their resort for monsters, they weren’t the best characters in the series. That honor actually went to young Dennis and the werewolf, Winnie, who formed a cute, romantic bond fans wanted more of. sorry, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania wasted the duo, even though the plot was set up for them to make the most impact.

What made Dennis and Winnie pop was how they reminded everyone that both humans and creatures could be good. They brought heart and soul with their innocence, to the point where Dracula accepted that his daughter, Mavis, and a human, Johnny, were soulmates. The two characters combined to create a warm feeling inside the hotel, which helped bring together that sense of family.

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And that’s why they were needed when Dracula’s hijinks with a monster ray turned him and his peers human and Johnny into a kaiju, rather than stuck on the sideline. Dracula left with Johnny on a dangerous quest in South America to cure themselves before Johnny became a permanent monster, and while the two bonded, with Dracula reminding Johnny of his humanity in a speech to finish the job, Dennis would have been the perfect anchor for this.

Had Dennis found out what happened to his dad and tagged along, he could have mediated and bridged the gap, showing Dracula that being human wasn’t so bad. It would have reminded Dracula of the goodness inside Johnny because, apart from some comedic lines, Johnny didn’t do much for Dracula to flip sides. Dennis, as a dhampir, would have also shown Johnny the best of both worlds and been the key to him wanting to change back to be a dad again. Dracula and Johnny never had much in common, so Dennis could have removed the plot convenience and connected them emotionally.

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Johnny shows off his new look to Drac

As for Winnie, with Drac’s friends in chaos in their human forms, she could have helped center Wanda and take control of everyone. They were all scared of being human, thinking it was inferior, and they needed someone to tell them it wasn’t so bad. Mavis would have been able to do this as well, but she was busy trying to find Drac and Johnny, making Wendy an easy substitute.

Ultimately, using Winne and Dennis would have matured the kids and given them an adult role, something far more rewarding than just erasing their memories of the monster ray and having them go along for the ride. They already won the Van Helsings over in the past, so educating both sides on acceptance would have been an organic fit to their journey.

See how Dennis and Winnie were wasted Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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