This is how people in BC use their vacation days and no plane tickets are needed

Using up your vacation days has been a struggle for some in recent years, but people in BC are getting creative with their stays.

From cabin rentals to days spent exploring hometowns, it’s clear you don’t need a plane ticket to have some vacation fun.

A Vancouver Reddit user posed the question that so many have pondered over the years: “Any idea what people have been spending their vacation days on right now in the current environment?”

Fortunately, there was no shortage of ideas that didn’t require you to get on a plane. At least if you live in BC, there’s no reason not to enjoy your well-deserved vacation this year!

One user said they “prefer to rent a pet-friendly cabin somewhere and do nothing but relax. Walk the dog, watch the wildlife, cook and knit and just de-stress.”

There is nothing more relaxing than a little house in the middle of nowhere, with your pup of course. You can just pull the plug and do nothing.

Bowen Island was on a few people’s lists – and no wonder – the island is breathtaking and is just a short ferry ride from Vancouver.

“Exactly what I had planned. I was thinking of a weekend trip to Bowen Island when the weather is a bit warmer. There were some decent Airbnbs that were pet friendly,” said one user.

For some people, a road trip is in order! Another user said they plan to “take a full week or two off, one to take a road trip inland and maybe another to take a further trip, again only if it’s against that.” time seems appropriate.”

Others stayed close to home, one user used his free time to ‘spend the day on Granville Island and then go watch a movie’ [themselves] at a Cineplex VIP.”

Why not be a tourist in your own city?

If you’re up for an adventure, it might be time to hit the slopes for a week. A few people suggested Whistler!

Whistler can get pricey, but it’s super fun and will keep you entertained all vacation.

If you want a little island time, BC has a few to choose from.

“Same thing I’ve been doing for the past two years: Islands! Victoria, visiting some friends in Port Renfrew, a long weekend at Bowen, and camping sometime at Galiano,” said one user.

Another user suggested we go to Kootenays to enjoy some hot springs.

They make you feel nice and warm so you can imagine being on the beach!

Lucky for us there seems to be an endless list of activities in the province, so take your time and explore!

Before you set off, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart and most importantly, be respectful on your adventure.


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