Ted Cruz jokes about about flights to Cancun as Texas freeze looms

As Texans brace for the impending freeze Thursday night, with some people noting they still feel traumatized over last year’s winter storm Uri, Sen. Ted Cruz joked about flight prices to Cancun. But many aren’t laughing.

The Texas Republican tweeted Wednesday that the costs of a number of things are going up, listing inflation, gas prices, food prices, lumber prices and at the end tacked on a prices to Cancún.

The joke plays off his controversial trip to the popular Mexico city last February while the deadly Winter Storm Uri wreaked havoc on many of his constituents in Texas and his hometown, Houston.

The ostentatious tweet comes just shy of the anniversary of the deadly freeze and a forthcoming storm that has already blanketed some portions of the state with snow and ice.

Many Houston-area school districts have already begun to cancel after-school activities, some college campuses have already canceled classes Friday, and more than 70,000 power outages were reported in some parts of Texas due to issues unrelated to the grid.

And Cruz is cracking jokes.

But many didn’t find it funny.

“I’m an actual Texan, Ted. So I don’t find this funny,” a Twitter user replied.

“You DID know that’s the part you’re suppose to feel remorse for, right?” replied another Twitter user. “Because while you were skipping to Cancun FOR FUN, I was in the middle of Austin attempting to turn SNOW into DRINKING WATER. Let me underline the BASIC NEEDS part.”

Others were insulted.

‘This is an insult to every Texan who went without power and water during the storm in 2021 and were not fortunate enough to escape to warmer temperatures. Many of us are dealing with PTSD as another major storm approaches North Texas.”

Some questioned if it was a joke wondering if Cruz was once again looking to flee the country.

“Have you booked your flight?” a user asked.

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