VAYK Sees Record Emerging Market Growth Cryptocurrency Fueling VAYK Short-Term Vacation-Backed Cryptocurrencies

Dallas, Texas, Feb. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vaycaychella, Inc. (OTC Pink: VAYK) today highlighted a report from additional indicating that emerging markets are one of the major contributors to the growth of cryptocurrency adoption. In fact, Vietnam is reported to be by far the leader in cryptocurrency adoption growth. VAYK’s management views its leadership in the growth of cryptocurrency adoption in emerging markets as a validation of the company’s current pilot project in Cuba and the company’s overall growth strategy.

From today’s statia report:

β€œOne of the reasons cryptocurrencies are proving popular in Vietnam – and other developing countries – is that they are being used as an investment tool rather than other good options, according to the report. Trying to preserve the value of one’s savings when the local currency falters is another incentive to invest in crypto, putting Venezuela, Argentina and Turkey on the cryo adopters’ map.

Individuals in developing countries also use crypto in peer-to-peer payments. African countries such as Nigeria and Kenya score highly in this segment. African countries are at the forefront of adopting innovative P2P payment methods, e.g. mobile payments, in the process of skipping options such as bank transfers and the associated digital payment options.

Last week, VAYK announced that it is entering into a Letter of Intent (LOI) agreement to acquire Definancial, Inc. , a technology company that has developed its own technology solution for cryptocurrency exchange.

VAYK plans to release a new version of its P2P Alternative Finance application soon, integrating the new version with the ability for individuals and SME operators to launch and list cryptocurrencies with the proceeds from the sale of cryptocurrency used to finance the purchase of short-term vacation rental real estate and finance other short-term vacation rental start-up costs. Cryptocurrency holders have a repayable economic interest in short-term vacation rentals. The LOI for the acquisition of Definancial, Inc. is specifically intended to support VAYK’s cryptocurrency strategy with the addition of a cryptocurrency exchange where cryptocurrencies for short-term vacation rental businesses can be listed.

Yesterday, VAYK announced that it has a team on site in Cuba that is working on the eligibility and conditions to add a further ten beach house properties to its current portfolio of short-term vacation homes.

These next ten properties will be featured on the company’s soon-to-be-released Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Alternative Finance Application Version 2.0 (V 2.0) where individuals will have the opportunity to invest in the renovation of the properties and share to take in the long-term economic benefits of operating a short-term vacation rental.

These next ten properties will be the first properties on the VAYK V 2.0 app where a cryptocurrency will be offered that will allow multiple investors to make fractional investments in the short-term vacation rental business and participate in the economic benefit generated by the short-term vacation rental business.

VAYK already has a award-winning peer-to-peer (P2P) alternative financing application for individuals and SME operators to seek purchase financing for short term holiday homes. V 2.0 is coming.

VAYK is an early stage company building a portfolio of technology solutions to further democratize participation in the tourism market and bring more opportunities to individuals and small and medium (SME) businesses.

VAYK is developing and scaling its portfolio of technology solutions to further democratize participation in the tourism industry based on its hands-on experience with an initial and ongoing pilot project consisting of ten beach huts (apart from the ten new properties covered here today) and a small boutique hotel where VAYK provided financing to small businesses to acquire and renovate the property.

VAYK sees real estate investment in emerging markets, similar to the company’s current pilot project in Cuba, as a major strategic growth opportunity. Statista’s report today on the adoption growth of cryptocurrencies in emerging markets as a validation of VAYK’s growth strategy.

VAYK recently launched an extensive Presentation Strategic Overview 2022 detailing how the ten real estate expansions and LOI announced today fit into the company’s overall strategy.

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