DFW Airport resumes after ground stop due to winter weather

Airport officials had previously resumed operations Thursday as runways were treated for snow and ice.

DALLAS — Note: This story has been updated with the ground stop being lifted.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport was under a ground stop Thursday night after the airport had previously resumed operations as runways were treated for snow and ice. The ground stop has since been lifted.

American Airlines also announced it suspended all flight operations in DFW for the rest of Thursday night due to ice in the ramp areas.

According to the airline, any flights that were already near the airport will land but that there will be no other flights to DFW.

The total number of canceled American flights at DFW on Thursday, as of 7:30 pm, was 1,401. Nationwide cancellations by American were at 5,210.

Earlier in the day, operations at DFW had been suspended in the morning while runways were being treated.

By around noon, the first American Airlines flights began arriving to DFW, among them a flight from Houston. By about 12:30 pm, the first departure from DFW was set to take off, headed to Cancun, Mexico.

The latest airport impacts can be found here.

Meanwhile, DFW urged all customers to check with their airlines before heading to the airport.

“Our operations crews are also continuing to treat all roads, bridges and overpasses,” DFW Airport said in a statement. “Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.”

The DFW Airport teams has been working to treat roadways, bridges, and overpasses.

Love Field was already planning on shutting down operations Thursday.

More than 500 flights had been canceled at DFW Airport on Thursday, the most of any airport in the world. Love Field, which has significantly less flights, had more than 150 flights canceled on Thursday.

Although the winter precipitation left the North Texas area in the afternoon, travel will still be difficult due to lingering ice and snow that could freeze overnight.

The winter storm warning that was in effect ended Thursday night, but a wind chill advisory issued due to dangerous temperatures overnight and into Friday morning.

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