Kenya Airlines to Stop Transporting Monkeys for Research

Animal activists have been pressuring companies to stop animal testing for decades, but it’s a practice that still continues to this day.

In a win for activists and animals, however, an airline that carried monkeys to the US to be experimented on will no longer be transporting them. Kenya Airways was contracted by a shipper to transport live monkeys from the island of Mauritius to New York, where they would then be shipped to Florida to be used in cruel and painful experiments.

However, before the monkeys reached their destination, they were involved in a crash in Pennsylvania. Three of them escaped, posing a serious health threat to the local wildlife, before they were found and shot to death.

Following the incident, PETA contacted Kenya Airways’ CEO Allan Kilavuka and Chair Michael Joseph, urging them to reconsider their transportation of monkeys used in research. As PETA shared in a press release, just 24 hours after reaching out, the company confirmed that they will no longer be participating in the cruel trade.

β€œIn his email to PETA last night, Joseph wrote,”[T]he current contract for the transport of the Macaques (captive-bred for export) will not be renewed when it expires at the end of February,” PETA stated.

According to ABC News, an estimated 27,000 primates were imported into the US between October 30, 2019, and September 30, 2020. Activist groups have long been trying to stop airlines from participating in unnecessary animal testing by discontinuing their transport of the animals, and many have agreed to stop.

Sign this petition to demand an end to animal testing.

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