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Maryville city staff have started discussions with a developer about building a name brand hotel in the city’s downtown area.

City of Maryville spokeswoman, Jane Groff, said details are limited, but everyone involved is optimistic about the opportunity. This isn’t the first time a downtown hotel has been talked about.

No contracts or plans have any finalized signatures, but the likely location is the parking lot with McCammon-Ammons-Click Funeral Home and Broadway Towers Housing on two sides and West Broadway Avenue and Church Avenue on the other two, Groff said.

Although, other locations downtown may be considered.

The city has also discussed the possibility of establishing a partnership with developers for the hotel’s parking lot, which is currently planned to be the base and foundation of the building.

One of the options is the city pays developers what it would cost to build a stand-alone, two-deck garage, while the developers pick up the extra cost to build a structurally supportive garage to base the large hotel.

The partnership would allow the public to also use the parking garage, which is estimated to provide about 20 more spaces than the current public lot that would be replaced by the hotel.

Maryville Downtown Association Chair Christy Slavick, who is also the Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives at Maryville College, is hopeful for the possibility of yet another partnership with hotel developers.

Slavick said the college would like to see, “Scots-themed characteristics,” and she and the college are looking forward to collaborating, “when the time comes.”

As newly appointed chair, Slavick and the MDA have plans to more tightly unify downtown and the campus nestled nearby.

“This addition (the hotel) will serve people who come through Maryville as a destination spot,” Slavick said, “and for families and patrons who visit with Maryville College and the Clayton Center for the Arts, especially as the college seeks to strengthen connections with downtown and the overall region.”

Slavick believes a new hotel can play a key role in the expansion and development of downtown Maryville.

The developer is planning for an upscale, full-purpose hotel.

Developer Sandip Patel, a Morristown resident, said he likes to work with Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide and the InterContinental Hotels Group.

Regent and Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts are two of IHG’s brands. Beside Marriott and Hilton Hotels & Resorts, a couple of the two companies’ other brands are Westin and DoubleTree by Hilton.

As developer, Patel will be securing franchising and working with the city and hotel corporation to upkeep the architectural guidelines established for downtown Maryville — an effort to keep the buildings attractive and uniform.

“We want to move as quick as possible,” Patel said, “but then there’s a lot of pieces and puzzles that have to go together in order to make it successful.”

One hurdle city staff have discussed is that the hotel may exceed the city’s height regulations and require a variance.

Given the early stages of the development, a time frame has yet to be released.

Amy Beth Miller contributed to this report.


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