Planes departing from DFW Airport, Dallas Love Field, but hundreds of flights canceled on Friday

Flights depart from DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field as a layer of ice covers many roads and highways in North Texas after the winter blast that flattened much of the region Thursday.

But more than 700 flights from DFW Airport and Dallas Love Field will be canceled Friday, even as passengers eagerly await a journey that was already delayed on Wednesday. And even with planes departing on Friday, the FAA had imposed a ground stop of more than 4.5 hours for flights to DFW International Airport, delaying virtually all inbound flights.

About a third of today’s flights to and from DFW International Airport have already been canceled for Friday after more than 70% were cancelled, or 1,413 flights were canceled on Thursday, with the airport struggling to open runways in freezing rain and falling snow. DFW managed to get one runway open for Thursday at noon and another in the afternoon, even as the snow continued to fall.

On Thursday, more than 350 flights to and from Dallas Love Field were canceled as airlines suspended all but a few flights. On Friday, more than a quarter of flights will be canceled and the airport’s main carrier, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines, is “running an abbreviated schedule for Love Field based on weather and infrastructure conditions,” Southwest Airlines spokesman Dan said. Landson.

Ground crews plow sleet and snow off the runway so American Airlines jets parked at Terminal C gates can later depart at DFW Airport, Feb. 3, 2022. (Tom Fox/staff photographer)

On Friday, icy precipitation was no longer a concern, but temperatures in the low 20s froze any remaining snow and sleet into a slippery layer of ice that prompted Texas Department of Transportation officials to urge drivers to stay home.

Friday’s cancellations surpassed more than 5,400 abandoned flights across the country on Thursday, as the weather system that started in the Northeast blew in over the Midwest and Texas. Chicago and Austin airports saw a large number of cancellations, along with St. Loius. There were more than 200 cancellations to and from Charlotte Douglas International Airport, which has strong ties to DFW International Airport as the primary hubs for American Airlines.

Dallas Love Field placed cots for about 20 people expected to stay at the airport Thursday after flights were canceled and they were unable to reserve rooms at nearby hotels.

“Our runway and taxiways are open, but we are still treating them and working to clear the remaining accumulation,” Love Field spokesman Chris Perry said Friday morning.

A driver in a pickup truck, front right, momentarily loses control as she and others navigate an icy road along US 75 in Dallas, Feb. 3, 2022.

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