The Weekend Away Images Show Leighton Meester’s Killer Vacation

Leighton Meester is back in a big way and this time, she’s bringing us the twists and turns of Netflix’s new film The Weekend Away. When a woman is accused of killing her best friend while on a trip together in Croatia, she has to find answers wherever she can and Meester is bringing to life Beth in this thrilling movie.

There are four new images from the film, all that show the adventure and fun that Beth (Meester) is having before she is forced to look into a painful secret to clear her own name. We have pictures of Beth running around in Croatia with Zain (Ziad Bakric) looking as if they are having fun. But then that is paired with an image of the two in a car together where Beth clearly looks a little more distraught than she is running down the stairs. Or the image of the two of them clearly in the midst of trying to figure out what has happened to Kate (Christina Wolfe).


We are also given a look at Kate and Beth cheering one another with champagne that looks like the two are friends and enjoy being in the other’s company and, given what we know about the movie as a whole, is an interesting set up to get into why people believe that Beth could have killed her best friend. Not pictured is Luke Norris as Rob in the movie.

Image via Netflix

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The official logline for the film is as follows: “A weekend getaway to Croatia goes awry when a woman (Meester) is accused of killing her best friend (Wolfe) and her efforts to get to the truth uncover a painful secret.”

Produced by Erica Steinberg, Charlie Morrisonand Ben Pughothe movie is based on the book of the same name by Sarah Aldersonwho also serves as the writer for the film. The Weekend Away is directed by Kim Farrant and Kari Hatfield and Alderson serves as executive producers.

The movie seems like a bit of a departure for Meester, who fans know from her work on Gossip Girl and, more recently, guest-starring in How I Met Your Father, but the star has shown her prowess time and time again, and it is going to be interesting to see what she brings to The Weekend Away. Check out the other images below:

Image via Netflix

Image via Netflix

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