gov. Bill Lee says Tennessee is buying plane tickets for tourists

gov. Bill Lee over the holiday weekend announced the state will now buy plane tickets for tourists planning to visit Tennessee’s largest cities, an initiative being funded by tax dollars and drawing opposition from one of the legislature’s top leaders.

Joined in a video by country music star Brad Paisley, Lee on Sunday took to social media to promote the initiative, called “Tennessee on Me.”

“The state’s buying all these airline tickets and giving them away to anybody who books two nights in a hotel room to come to Tennessee, so it’s ‘Tennessee on me,'” Lee said to Paisley in the video, as the two worked out a jingle for the program.

“Tennessee on Gov. Lee,” Paisley replied, receiving affirmation from the governor, who is up for reelection in 2022. So far, no serious contenders have announced a challenge to the governor, who remains popular.

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