New Airline Plans Cheap Flights From US To Asia With Crypto Rewards

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A new airline plans to offer travelers cheap flights between the US and Asia. North Pacific Airlines, which will launch in the fall of this year, will trade the convenience of direct flights between the US and Asia for lower prices with a connecting flight in between, and plans to serve four markets in Asia from five different countries. airports in the US – hopefully just in time for a general easing of restrictions around the world.

Low prices aren’t all North Pacific has to offer passengers. The budget airline is also looking beyond traditional airline mileage loyalty programs, opting for a cryptocurrency model that allows passengers to earn crypto to invest, trade or use for related services. Here’s what we know so far about North Pacific Airlines, including where it will fly to, what aircraft it will use, and more about their ambitious crypto rewards program.

North Pacific Airlines – Information for Travelers

Hoping to take off in the second half of 2022, North Pacific Airlines will be the latest of several new airlines launched during the pandemic, at a time when many other traditional airlines are struggling. While other new entrants to the scene are airlines offering shorter flights, North Pacific has set its sights on offering long-haul flights to Asia at more than affordable prices — but there’s a catch.

According to its website, North Pacific hopes to “serve cities in the states of New York, Florida, California, Texas and Nevada with direct flights to cities in Japan and Korea via Anchorage on the northern route.” Refueling stops in Anchorage were once the norm for flights to Asia, but the evolution of modern aircraft meant that the stop was discontinued on most trips. Now, North Pacific hopes to make the Anchorage stop not just a stopover, but a function.

According to Rob McKinney, the chief executive officer of Northern Pacific and sister airline Ravn Alaska, the airline aims to replicate the success of Icelandair Group, which has helped transform Reykjavik from a stopover point to a destination in its own right. “The goal is to encourage people to spend a day or two here and go fishing for salmon, or take a sled dog ride on a glacier, or just all kinds of things that you can only do here in Alaska,” he said. McKinney.

In addition to helping put Alaska on the map, North Pacific will also carve out their own niche when it comes to loyalty programs. North Pacific will offer a crypto-based loyalty program, FlyCoin, which can be used not only on flight vouchers but also at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, after several merchants agreed to accept the currency.

Tokyo, Japan

Taking passengers to Alaska and Asia will be some of the slickest planes out there. Northern Pacific’s fleet will consist of 757-200 narrow-body aircraft, an aircraft known for its fuel efficiency and range and referred to by pilots as a “sports car” for its lightweight performance. Each will carry 200 passengers and will feature a striking black and white livery “inspired by the night sky, northern lights, ice and snow.”

Travelers wishing to fly Northern Pacific will have to wait, however. The airline hopes to have as many as 12 of its planes in the air by the time the fourth quarter of 2022 rolls around, but the airline’s website states that the proposed flights are “subject to government approval”. An official launch date has yet to be confirmed by the airline, but travelers eager to get back to Asia — or Alaska — will no doubt follow with intrigue.

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