Rescue-to-Sacramento Electric Bus Route Loses Funding

California’s much-anticipated zero-emission coach that will travel from Redding to Sacramento continues to have a bumpy ride.

The proposed electric bus service was expected to start in October last year. But the setbacks are piling up, and the North State commuter’s dream come true has been put on indefinite hold. The search for an operator for the service has also been stopped.

According to the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency, operator of the proposed Salmon Runner service, the loss of a $600,000 federal grant and denial of funding over the ensuing cycle created the current hurdles.

Grant managers at the California Department of Transportation “incorrectly awarded the funding in a business year that they later determined was ineligible,” according to a recent update to the program. That led to $600,000 in funding

withdrawn, according to the report.

Electric bus delays:Can Redding-to-Sacramento’s electric bus fleet circumnavigate bureaucratic problems?

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