Thai credit card First Choice makes fun of fixation with metaverse

Thai credit card brand First Choice is leveraging our fixation on the metaverse to promote its credit cards to a young and blockchain savvy audience. Leo Burnett Thailand was tasked with filming the commercial in full in the metaverse and brought on board Thai actor Mario and actress Pattie to star in the latest spot “Metaverrrrrr”, a parody of the making of the world’s first metaverse commercial.

Mario and Pattie’s avatars are constantly interrupted by First Choice’s marketing team and their increasingly demanding suggestions. Even First Choice’s marketing team had to deal with connectivity issues from one of their members in the movie.

Athip Sinpagekan, EVP head of marketing at First Choice, said First Choice as a young generation credit card brand jumps on the metaverse trend with a unique vision of brand communication and a funny, witty execution.

Meanwhile, Sompat Trisadikun, Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett Thailand, said the team loved the idea of ​​filming in the metaverse in a style that will appeal to this generation of banking customers. “It’s recognizable, current, complete with glitches and bad signals: we hope it will stand out in a category that is often safe and conservative,” Trisadikun said. The latest commercial positions First Choice as the credit card of this and the next generation.

“Metaverrrrrr” builds on another recent campaign from Leo Burnett Thailand: the first NFT Credit Card ART collaboration. In January, First Choice unveiled its first NFT Credit Card ART collaboration, a unique NFT token designed in collaboration with Thai NFT artist PUCK. The first person to own the First Choice x PUCK Collaboration NFT token will also score an additional million privilege points associated with their physical First Choice credit card.

Sinpagekan said the banking system is undergoing a radical transformation as a new generation is moving towards the blockchain system. “We have partnered with Leo Burnett Thailand to let them know that First Choice is ready to make the change together. Our goal is to penetrate this market and promote our brand image that fits the lifestyle of the metaverse,” said Sinpage jug. According to the bank, the First Choice NFT credit card ART Collaboration sold 820% higher than the original auction bid.


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