The best holiday handbags inspired by resort trends

During the colder seasons, your outfits become monotonous when the most important items become your puffer jacket, leggings and boots. Luckily, for those escaping to a tropical island on a quick getaway, not only do you have a change of scenery, but it also comes with the benefit of endless style options. A beach trip isn’t complete without a collection of easy-to-wear vacation items and an eye-catching bag. Since you’ll probably only be carrying a few basic accessories that you’ll be rotating through, it’s smart to choose vacation handbags inspired by resort trends. Don’t worry though, your favorite shoulder bags — from cylinder baguette styles to clean-textured types — aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. (It wouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve already added one to your suitcase.)

On the spring/summer 2022 catwalk, designer brands such as Loewe and Dior brought back cheerful colors such as yellow, pink and green. When packing your carry-on, make sure you opt for that bright statement bag tucked away in the back of your closet—instead of your usual neutral-toned crossbody. It’s time to give it a spin and let it see the light of day – just imagine all the adorable Instagram photos against the beautiful backdrop.

Another handbag trend for 2022 is woven bags, as the desire to travel and explore the world is greater than before. The style is especially suitable for a beach day when all you need is a book, towel, sunglasses and sunscreen. Meanwhile, bucket bags made a full comeback on the catwalks of powerhouses like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. The structural and practical design is suitable for when you are jet-setting and need to carry a variety of lightweight items.

If you’re already addicted to the above styles and curious about more, you’re in luck. Scroll on and check out TZR’s list of the most fashionable and functional vacation handbags inspired by resort trends. Pick your favorite staples to take with you on your next trip and in the warmer months to come.

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