Top Credit Card Apps Retain Spots in Ranking

Since issuers check out our creditworthiness before extending credit, it’s only fair that we take a close look at their apps as well. The PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps does just that each month, ranking the apps using a proprietary combination of publicly available information plus app usage data to which we have access.

What we found was very much the same as last month. The leading credit card apps among our top 10 are holding on to the same spots they had last time.

Further down in the rankings, though, two players have moved, with one of them stepping up a level and the other joining the top 10 after being absent last month.

Now, let’s dig in and see what the research found.

The Top 5

First, there’s Capital One Mobile, with a score of 98 and holding onto the No. 1 spot as it did last month.

Right behind, with a score of 96 earning it second place, is Chase Mobile. It, too, has a firm grip on the same spot it held last time.

The trend continues as we get to the No. 3 slot, still held by the Bank of America Mobile Banking app with a score of 91.

There’s another familiar face at No. 4. The Wells Fargo Mobile app sits here with a score of 88.

Rounding out a top 5 that includes the same players as last month, there’s Discover Mobile. It retains its location among this elite group with a score of 83.

The Top 10

In the sixth spot in the rankings, there’s a return appearance by the Credit One Bank Mobile app. It’s holding this level as it did last time, now with a score of 81.

Not far behind, with a score of 77, is American Express. Continuing the pattern seen so far, this app held the seventh position last month too.

In the first change in the rankings, MySynchrony has moved up one level with a score of 56 and now sits at No. 8.

Ranked ninth, as it was last time, is Cards—Mobile Wallet. With a score of 54, it’s not far behind the contender above it.

Rounding out the top 10 is a contender that wasn’t here last month. Avant Mobile earns a spot among this elite group with a score of 49.

So, with the research done and the worthiness of the credit card apps examined, we’ve done our own credit (app) check. See you next month.



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