WATCH: Huge fire guts in downtown El Paso’s De Soto Hotel

UPDATE #12: El Paso City officials respond to fire. In a press release titled “City Officials Appalled, Disappointed by the Tragic De Soto Hotel Fire,” city manager Tommy Gonzalez said, “We are extremely sorry to see this building destroyed in a fire just as we were bringing it back to life. with the help of a private partner who was eager and willing to reactivate the destroyed hotel and work to preserve the iconic murals on the west side of the building,” said city manager Tommy Gonzalez. “This restoration was one of three active historic preservation projects that the city has encouraged. We intend to aggressively complete the historic preservation of the two other buildings in the center.”

UPDATE #11 7:41 PM: El Paso Fire Department tweets that most of the De Soto Hotel fire has been put down. Fire officials report that the crews are looking for hot spots. There were no injuries then.

UPDATE #10 7:33 PM: Standby for live press conference. No word on when it will start.

UPDATE #9 7:16 PM: Incident commander reports no injuries, 24 units responded, as many as 60-70 firefighters responded. The roof collapsed. Do not enter the building until the fire is extinguished. This is a 4 storey building. Cracking sounds during fire came from windows exploding. “We’ve got the fire under control,” to the DeSoto Building.

It will be determined later whether the building is a total loss. No entry tonight, maybe during the morning hours. It was assumed that no one was in the building.

UPDATE #8 6:47 PM: Smoke, flames have abated.

UPDATE #7: A restaurant owner says he saw things quickly spiral out of control in about 5 minutes from the time he heard about the fire to the time firefighters arrived.

UPDATE #6: Flames seem less intense than moments before.

UPDATE #5: Objects are seen falling from the building. Saul Saenz reports that firefighters are asking people to stay away.

UPDATE #4: Parts of the roof of DeSoto Hotel have collapsed.

UPDATE #3: Firefighters take a defensive position.

UPDATE #2: Hotel guests of the nearby Indigo Hotel are being evacuated.

UPDATE #1: El Paso Fire reports that the fire is at the DeSoto hotel.

No injuries have been reported.

EL PASO, Texas — ABC-7 has received a report of a major fire in downtown El Paso. ABC-7 is working to learn more.

Early reports say the fire was located in a building on Mills.

The property is in the midst of a $1.2 million restoration project. In mid-December, the owners, Mills LLC, entered into an economic development agreement with the city of El Paso, allowing it to receive more than $58,000 in incentives.

The plan called for the renovation of the hotel’s 34 units, which are described as “destroyed,” would consist of converting the top floors into a standard hotel and rehabilitating the first floor storefront, according to the plan. presentation to the city council.

The owner also sought additional funding for the facade and signage through a program administered by the Downtown Management District.

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