Blocked air inlet at Marysville hotel pool heating

A plastic bag blocking the inlet of fresh air into the pool heater’s equipment room may have caused the heater to fail and led to the build-up of carbon monoxide on Jan. 29, which sickened 16 people at the Hampton Inn in Marysville. according to a report from the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s office.

Inspector Bradley Merillat with the office of the State Fire Marshal was among the officials who conducted a follow-up inspection of the hotel on Jan. 31 after the Marysville Fire Department authorized the hotel to reopen.

When Merillat inspected the pool’s equipment room, “he found a plastic bag over the fresh air intake,” his report said. He also noted that the carbon monoxide (CO) detector present was not functioning.

Leakage of hotel pool in Marysville: Pool heater may have been source of carbon monoxide leak at Marysville hotel, officials say

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