How ‘Manifest’ Episode Titles Relate to Airplanes and the Story of Flight 828

This drama series is full of easter eggs and references to the number “828” With the mysterious Flight 828 at the center of Manifesto’s story, it makes sense that every episode title of this drama series is related to airplanes or air travel. Here’s what we know about one of Netflix’s most popular shows.

‘Manifest’ tells the story of Flight 828 and passengers like Ben Stone and Michaela Stone

‘Manifest’ episode titled ‘Destination Unknown’ featuring Josh Dallas as Ben Stone | Peter Kramer/Warner Brothers/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Time literally flew for the passengers of Flight 828. When these passengers embarked on Flight 828, they didn’t know they’d return about five years later the same age. This anomaly posed problems for the passengers, including Ben Stone, Michaela Stone, and Cal Stone, who experienced magical callings.

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