On vacation or working?: Axel Kicillof’s photos on the Chinese Wall that aroused multiple criticisms

The Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kickillois one of the three district leaders that make up the entourage of President Alberto Fernández on the tour of Russia, China Y Barbados. In the last few hours, the Kirchnerist could be seen active on social networks, where he briefly spread the different work meetings that he held. However, he also took the opportunity to show his leisure time, like the one he had in the chinese wallwhose photos aroused multiple reviews. from holidays or working?

In social networks, the reference of the Front of All published some images of what was his tour of one of the most outstanding attractions of the Asian giant: the Great Wall, which has an appearance equal to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, when the Ming emperors they rebuilt the defensive barrier to the north of their empire in brick and stone. “In the middle of the official visit I had the opportunity to visit the Great Wall of China, a spectacular place full of history,” Kicillof wrote.

The publication can be seen on the governor’s official account on the Instagram social network, since he did not do so on Twitter. In the post, he added three more than striking photos and with an enigmatic message. “On the tour I made a special friend,” said the provincial president, while he was seen with a tabby cat that he did not hesitate to caress and lift. Many did not hesitate to mention the “nickname” they gave to former President Mauricio Macri.

“Tell your special friend that he indebted us for a hundred years,” remarked a user who commented on the publication, alluding to Argentina’s debt with the International Monetary Fund. In this same line, another pointed out: “You became friends with the debtor.” Meanwhile, others supported the Buenos Aires president by saying: “That cat has the face of having seen a lot of history. He now has another to tell: ‘I was with a future president’”.

There was also no lack of criticism regarding Kicillof’s publication, in the midst of the commotion over the death of more than 20 people due to the consumption of adulterated cocaine in the western suburbs. “Very good… See if you’re coming back, a lot of people are dying because of the drug issue…”, one user replied, while another reproached him: “Get to work brother!!!! The only thing you have to show is this???”

“Lucky yours that your salary is enough for you to take vacations. If I pay myself vacations, we don’t eat for a month ”, was another of the criticisms that Kicillof was given. “Hahahaha the trip we all pay for. There you have it. And we put together the whole year to go 15 days or 10 to the coast or another part of the country,” complained another user of the aforementioned social network.

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