See the tallest and deepest underground waterfall in the US

Ruby Falls is a sight to behold and is known as the tallest and deepest waterfall open to the public in the United States.

Everyone has seen waterfalls, including some spectacular ones, but has anyone seen any major underground waterfalls? The largest waterfall open to the public in the United States is Ruby Falls in Tennessee. Exploring these falls is a very unique way to explore the caves of the United States.

Victoria Falls in Africa is one of the most spectacular (above ground) waterfalls in the world. Located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, these huge waterfalls are inhabited by crocodiles (you can even see elephants walking above them at night). The highest waterfalls in the world are the Angel Falls in Venezuela – these are as breathtaking as they are remote.

Why visit the Ruby Falls and their accidental discovery?

Located in Lookout Mountain (near Chattanooga in Tennessee), Ruby Falls falls over a total of 145 feet or 44 meters.

Drop: 145 feet or 44 meters

In addition to the massive underground waterfall, Ruby Falls Cave features some of the most famous cave formations, including stalagmites, columns, stalactites, flowstone, and drapery. So you don’t have to worry that autumn is all you see.

The falls themselves are located at the end of Ruby Falls Cave’s main passageway in a large vertical shaft. The stream is fed by natural springs and rainwater and is located 350 meters underground. The underground stream flows through Lookout Mountain until it joins the Tennessee River.

It was one of the first caves to be equipped with electric lighting and has had public tours since 1930. Today they are open to the public and used on a daily basis.

Ruby Falls is privately owned by the Steiner family in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Assigned: Ruby Falls along with the Lookout Mountain Caverns Complex are a National Historic Landmark

Ruby Falls Cave has no natural opening. It was discovered when an artificial entrance to Lookout Mountain Cave was drilled in 1928.

called: After the name of the Discover (Lambert’s) wife – Ruby

In 1954, a path was built around the basin so that tourists could enjoy a closer view of the incredible falls.

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Visit the Ruby Falls today

The Ruby Falls website states:

Travel deep into historic Lookout Mountain to see the tallest and deepest underground waterfall in the United States open to the public! Descend 260 feet on a glass elevator to explore ancient formations along the cave trail and see the thundering falls.

During the tour, you will not only descend 80 meters with a glass elevator at the front, but also discover the story behind their accidental discovery. You will see all kinds of beautiful rock formations and more.

Remark: The cave hike to Ruby Falls takes approximately 1 hour or more, depending on the date and time of the visit

After visiting the underground waterfall, take in breathtaking views of the Tennessee Valley, the Cumberland Plateau, and the Tennessee River from the top of Lookout Mountain Tower and Blue Heron Overlook. Enjoy their other attractions such as the historic Ruby Falls Castle and their exciting High Point ZIP Adventure.

social distancing: Not possible during cave tours or in the elevator

They are easy to get to and just minutes from downtown Chattanooga. The highway is Interstate 24. Choose from Interstate 24 exits 174, 175, and 178.

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Planning a visit to the Ruby Falls

The caves are open daily and are one of the most exciting family-friendly activities in the region. It’s an experience forging lasting family memories at will. If anyone is planning to visit it is wise to plan ahead as they can easily sell out.

Reservation: Pre-booking is required

Tip: Plan ahead as tours sell out quickly and Availiaby is limited, tickets must be purchased online

Open daily: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Tour schedules vary by season)

Duration: Most visitors spend a total of 2-3 hours at Ruby Falls and its various attractions

to walk: Guests must walk just under a mile round trip on a cobbled cave trail

Consider booking their Lantern Tour for a special out-of-hours tour. On this tour, the cave and trails are dark and lit only by hand lanterns. This tour is offered on Friday evenings outside office hours and is only for those 5 years and older.

Cost of normal tickets:

Adults: $24.95

Children: $13.95 (3-11 years old – under 3 are free)

One can also buy professional photos of his group with the backdrop of the falls. Everyone is of course welcome to take their own photos throughout the tour (although it shouldn’t take too long to take the photos as everyone has to keep up with the group. If anyone wants more limes to take their photos then please consider their Gentle Walking Tour.

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