Teen Debates Taking Her Parents To Court For Ruining Her Credit Score

An 18-year-old girl is having trouble trying to apply for her first credit card after it was immediately declined because of a low credit score.

At first, she was confused, but then she realized that her parents had been using her name on phone and utility bills and without realizing it, accrued so many late fees and bad credit that her score went all the way down to 520.

Now, she’s wondering if taking her parents to family court.

She went to a classy place on Reddit where all troubled children (and adults) go to sort out their problems or simply vent about a situation in which they feel they might have been wrong — the well-known subreddit called “r/AmItheA– hole,” or AITA for short.

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The internet philosophers that peruse this subreddit will forever be glad to listen to your request and then give you a rating based on their own, personally-informed opinion on your situation — sometimes even offering you some sound advice.

At the most basic level, since the question is “Am I the A–hole?” the ratings are either you’re “Not The A–hole” (NTA), or “You’re The A–hole” (YTA), with some more complicated ratings — but these are the most common.

“Ever since I was an early teen, my parents had my name on the phone and utility bills,” she explained. “I thought nothing of it at the time, but bills were occurring late fees and I was being penalized for their carelessness.”


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