Vikings conquers top five again in women’s 3k in second trip to Chiles Center, takes four top-10 points at Portland Indoor Three



Portland State Head Track and Field Coach David Hepburn said Saturday’s Portland Indoor Three would give the Vikings a direct comparison to two weeks earlier when they competed on the same track at the University of Portland’s Chiles Center.

As it turns out, Saturday was a lot like two weeks ago, but only in a good way for Hepburn and the Vikings. The Viking women took the top five in the women’s 3k, just like they did at the Portland Indoor Two two weeks ago. In addition, the trio has Luke Ramirez, Cam McChesney and Drew Seidel produced a top-10 mark in the mile two weeks after those three battle it out to produce a top-10 mark in the 3k.

Those three opened the halftime game for the Vikings, which took place during the Pilots’ men’s basketball game against San Francisco. Two weeks ago, McChesney took first place in the 3k among the three, Ramirez ahead by just over a quarter of a second. Ramirez took revenge on Saturday, however, as he defeated McChesney by one and a half seconds to finish in 4:15.71. Ramirez’s time marked a five-second personal best for the Viking senior and put him in tenth place all-time in the indoor mile.

McChesney followed in 4:17.35, 22 seconds faster than the personal best he set as a prerunner in 2020. Seidel finished four seconds behind McChesney in 4:21.64, five seconds better than the best indoor he opened as a freshman at the 2019 Lauren McCluskey Memorial.

The women’s depth in the 3k opened the next part of the meet, with Abi Swain, Maya Irving, Tatum Miller, Hunter Storm and Olivia Brooks taking the top five spots for the Vikings. Swain led the group of five with a time of 10:06.58, 12 seconds faster than the time she ran two weeks ago and good enough to take her to 10th all-time in the Portland State indoor 3k. Irving followed Swain in 10:11.00, setting a new freshman record in the event, beating the record set by two-time Big Sky steeplechase champion Sarah Medved at 10:12.16 in 2016. at 10:16.24, while Storm and Brooks followed her at 10:20.01 and 10:30.50 respectively.

Not only did the Vikings take the top five of the 3k, they claimed seven of the top eight and 10 of the top 15. Freshman Natalia Martino — after a strong cross-country season in the fall — finished seventh for the Vikings in 10:37.54, about 50 seconds faster than her 3,200-meter personal best from her preliminary career. Lottie Bromham was eighth in 10:55.42, while Sophia Hackett, Campbell Faust and Emma Owen took the first three places in the second part of the event to take 13th, 14th and 15th place respectively. Faust finished just under 10 seconds faster than her time two weeks ago, finishing in 11:15.39.

At 600 meters later in the game, two more top-10 points were added to the men, as training partners James Bottrill and Chase Lover Check went head to head during the event. Bottrill and Lovercheck weren’t in the same part of the race, but they certainly had each other in mind as there was internal bragging at stake. Lovercheck was first on top and he cut a second off his personal best in the 600 meters while finishing in 1:23.19. That gave Bottrill a time to beat, and he pushed through with a time of 1:22.75. Bottrill’s time moved him to fourth all-time in the Portland State indoor 600 meters, while Lovercheck remains sixth all-time after improving his time on Saturday.

Harley Montgomery also ran his first 600 meters and set a solid time of 1:27.63.

Internal bragging rights were also at stake in the men’s 3,000 meters, what Morganti House claimed with a time of 8:45.27. Zach Gram finished less than two seconds behind Morganti in 8:47.20, while Kelly Shedd followed Grams with a personal best of five seconds with his time of 8:52.33.

Jake Schulte then led a 1-2-3 finish for the Vikings in the men’s 3k second section. Schulte finished in 9:21.08 – 19 seconds faster than his 3k time two weeks ago – while Andy Solano and Erik Solano followed him with times of 9:26.36 and 9:32.26 respectively.

Four Vikings also ran in the men’s 800 meters, with Josh Snyder took first place in the team and finished fifth overall in 1:58.83. The biggest improvement in the 800-meter group came from Matt Mollerbecause Moller finished just under 12 seconds faster than two weeks ago with a time of 2:00.73 Saturday. Zach Salcido followed Moller in 2:02.75, while Rashid Muse two weeks ago half a second off his time with a finish in 2:04.66.

It’s just a week before the Vikings return to the Chiles Center this time around, as the Vikings compete in the Portland Indoor Four next Sunday, February 13. That encounter will follow two days after the Husky Classic, February 11-12, in Seattle.

Portland Indoor Three
Chiles Center
Portland, OR.
February 5, 2022

Results ladies:
Miles: 20. Sophie Jones5:55.30. 3,000m: 1. Abi Swain, 10:06.58; 2. Maya Irving, 10:11.00; 3. Tatum Miller, 10:16.24; 4. Hunter Storm, 10:20.01; 5. Olivia Brooks, 10:30.50; 7. Natalia Martino, 10:37.54; 8. Lottie Bromham, 10:55.42; 13. Sophia Hackett, 11:13.07; 14. Campbell Faust, 11:15.39; 15. Emma Owen, 11:18.21; 22. Madison Tafoya, 12:13.54; 23. Phoebe Brown, 12:21.91; 24. Dylan Newville, 12:23.37; 27. Abby Donde13:20.99; Jalen MarcilDNF.

Results men:
600m: 3. James Bottrill, 1:22.75; 4. Chase Lover Check, 1:23.19; 9. Harley Montgomery1:27.63. 800m: 5. Josh Snyder, 1:58.83; 8. Matt Moller, 2:00.73; 12. Zach Salcido, 2:02.75; 18. Rashid Muse2:04.66. Miles: 6. Luke Ramirez, 4:15.71; 8. Cam McChesney, 4:17.35; 13. Drew Seidel4:21.64. 3,000m: 4. Morganti House, 8:45.27; 5. Zach Gram, 8:47.20; 7. Kelly Shedd, 8:52.33; 12. Jake Schulte, 9:21.08; 13. Andy Solano, 9:26.36; 14. Erik Solano9:32.26. 4x400m relay: 4. Portland State ‘A’ (Gloden, Moller, Salcido, Muse), 3:35.12.

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