What To Know About Renting A Jet Ski On Vacation This Summer

Renting a jet ski on vacation is a common activity, and this helpful guide will point you in the right direction if you’ve never done it before.

Many people love to have fun in the water and make their lives more exciting by participating in new thrilling adventures. One way of doing so is trying water sports. Some go the extra mile and combine their favorite hobbies with water activities, such as horseback riding underwater, also known as horse surfing. Other unique water sports include kayak surfing, snorkeling with whales, flyboard flying, free diving, spinnaker flying, scuba diving, ice swimming, and more. However, riding a jet ski is one of the most popular and fun water sports to practice during summer vacation.

Many people don’t know about the rules they should follow when practicing this water activity. They also get confused when deciding what type of jet ski to rent, where to find them, and how to use them. Here’s a guide to help people know everything about renting a jet ski on a summer vacation.

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Here Are The Various Types Of Jet Skis People Can Rent

Rental outfits usually offer three major watercraft makers. While Jet Ski is the most popular among the brands offered, the technical name for the vehicle is Personal Water Craft or PWC. Kawasaki’s PWCs are called Jet Ski, Yamaha makes WaveRunner, and the PWCs of Bombardier are called SeaDoo. Previously, many people used to think that a stand-up type vehicle is Jet Ski, and a sit-down type one is a WaveRunner.

However, this information is false. Both brands have seated and personal stand-up watercraft. Moreover, people can rent a stand-up jet ski or a seated one with two-seater or three-seater.

  • Recommended: While jet skis can seat up to three people, it is recommended that only one or two adults use the PWC to ensure better performance and more stability during the ride. Moreover, the speed of a jet ski depends on the weight of its riders and their number. The PWC can go 50 miles per hour on the water if a moderate-sized person is riding it.

People have two options to rent a Personal Water Craft. They can either rent a jet ski and trailer or rent the vehicle and ride to the rental location like the ocean, a lake, or bayfront.

Furthermore, people renting a jet ski at the beachside or a dock will be required to respect the marked barriers when riding. Those barriers indicate the areas where it’s safe to drive the jet ski. Sites outside those limits may contain stumps and rocks, harming the jet ski.

On the other hand, renting the jet ski with a trailer necessitates more responsibility from the riders because they should pay attention to the jet ski’s safety and their own safety.

How Much It Costs To Rent A Jet Ski & How To Do It

Renting a Personal Water Craft usually costs between $80 to $100 per hour, with prices varying between states. Other rules people must be aware of when renting a jet ski are that the rider must be 18 years or older, and the one who books the vehicle must be 21 and above. Moreover, most places require that the second rider be aged six years and above and 44″ or taller. As for the weight limit, it must not exceed 275 pounds for a single rider or 500 pounds for three riders. Furthermore, beginners or first- time jet ski riders are advised to ride in pairs.

Another requirement is that people carry a driver’s license to rent a jet ski. Moreover, people must check the state requirements from which they’re renting the PWC. Some states have some rules pertaining to the boater’s education card or boater’s license. Moreover, people must avoid drinking alcohol or using drugs when driving or riding a jet ski since it’s illegal in most states.

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Some Tips To Safely Ride A Jet Ski

The vehicle will shut off automatically if one falls off the jet ski, thanks to the lanyard connected to the life vest with the starter key. This is why riders must wear their life vests at all times. People must also know that jet skis don’t come with brakes. Also, the green start button and the red stop button can be found on the left handlebar, whereas the throttle is a trigger on the right handlebar. People are recommended to avoid following other riders. The latter may stop abruptly, which could result in serious injuries. Another thing to know is that the throttle is used to turn. If the riders don’t want to turn, the vehicle will keep going forward.

Some procedures are applied when taking the Personal Water Craft out, where riders must fill and sign a contract outlining the boating safety regulations. Moreover, they will watch an instructional video before taking the jet ski. People can expect to spend 30 minutes reading and signing the paperwork and another 40 minutes watching the video. As for returning the jet ski, a person will blow a whistle, signaling when the ride time is up. The riders will then be required to return the watercraft to the dock.

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