4 photos reveal terrifying faces in the De Soto Hotel fire

El Pasoans take pictures of eerily strange faces spotted in the fire at the De Soto Hotel.

Over a century old, the De Soto Hotel is known to be steeped in history and the paranormal. So, do these photos prove that the De Soto Hotel is indeed haunted?

On the late Friday afternoon around 5:30 PM, reports started circulating on social media that the infamous De Soto Hotel was on fire.

Hours later, photos appeared on the Facebook group Sun City Paranormal Mysteries, showing chilling images of mysterious faces in the flames and plumes of smoke billowing from the fire.

If we take a closer look at the four photos that captivated the public’s imagination, I’ll mention that pareidolia is a real psychological phenomenon that causes people to interpret random images, or patterns of light and shadow, as faces.

It is not uncommon for people to see familiar objects or patterns in objects that have nothing to do with each other, such as cloud formations or, in this case, mysterious faces in the fire and smoke of the De Soto Hotel.

Face #1

Paranormal Mysteries of Sun City

Paranormal Mysteries of Sun City

This photo attracts attention because it shows a demonic face with deep-set eyes and a gaping mouth, seen in the plume of smoke hovering above the De Soto Hotel.

Face #2

Robert Lizarraga

Robert Lizarraga

If that last photo wasn’t convincing enough, take a look at this photo, taken by another person on the other side of the building, which shows another demonic face with fangs and horns emerging from the rolling black smoke. (See the video below regarding the horns)

Face #3

This photographer took this photo to capture the man in handcuffs (see photo above), but instead took some incredible shots. In this photo, you can clearly see a face made up of flames stretching the size of the window, which some say eerily resembles Richard Ramirez, the Nightstalker. Ramirez was known to be staying at the hotel at the time, and many El Pasoans think it’s him who snaps El Paso out of the building’s window.

Face #4

Annex-De Soto Hotel Clay Baron 5

The same photo from above shows another mysterious statue atop the roof of what people think looks like the Virgin Mary. Interestingly, in an update to The Paranormal Files, they mention Sarah, a ghost child, and her mother, who died in a previous fire years ago.

While pareidolia may be a natural psychological phenomenon, I have no doubt that something supernatural is going on. Especially since individual people took these photos from different sides of the building and moments in time when the De Soto Hotel burned down, proving that the building can be a portal to the undead after all.

I don’t know about you, but these pictures gave me the creeps! What do you think, are these images of something paranormal captured on camera? Participate.

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