Four Seasons Private Jet Vacations So Popular They Added New Trips

The popularity of Four Seasons private jet vacations continues to increase and bookings continue to sell out. But for those dying to explore the world on one of these luxurious planes, Four Seasons has delivered with three brand-new adventures to experience in 2023.

Late last year, the luxury resort and hotel company announced new private jet journeys to be ventured in 2023 and it has recently doubled down with the announcement of three more experiences.

“Our private jet offering consistently attracts global interest from travelers looking to make their next adventure truly extraordinary,” Christian Clerc, president of Hotels and Resorts at Four Seasons, told Four Seasons Press Room. “We have grown our journey schedule to accommodate seven trips in 2023 — the most we’ve ever offered in one year — to best serve our guests as they navigate the changing travel environment.”

Of the seven trips Four Seasons is offering in 2023, two have already been sold out and are only available through a waitlist. Those adventures are African Wonders 2023 (December 28, 2022–January 9, 2023) and International Intrigue 2023 (March 3–26, 2023).

Two of the five available 2023 private jet journeys were covered early last month on TravelAwaits, including Timeless Encounters April 2023 (April 17–May 10, 2023) and African Wonders August 2023 (August 1–13, 2023).

Offering a plethora of experiences and destinations in 2023, Four Seasons has left travelers the difficult option of choosing between them. But the three new adventures, scheduled for the spring, summer, and winter seasons accordingly, might just be the perfect bucket list opportunities.

Timeless Encounters 2023

Almost a mirrored itinerary to its following trip in April, Timeless Encounters 2023 starts in Kona, Hawaii, while Timeless Encounter April 2023 starts in Oahu, Hawaii. The newer trip also swaps out a later visit — Florence, Italy — for a trip to Prague, the adventure’s second to last destination before London.

Flying in style through the sky from March 26–April 18, 2023, Timeless Encounters is Four Seasons’ second installation of its worldwide adventure to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Sydney’s Opera House, the Taj Mahal, and so much more.

If you’re planning a Four Seasons vacation, Timeless Encounters 2023 (or the April/May itinerary if you want to go at a later date) will make you dig deep into those pockets. Costing $190,000 per person with a $19,000 solo traveler supplement, the trip is pricey but is a long-time favorite among the rest of the private jet experiences.

“The longest-running private jet journey, this 24-day voyage offers inspiring urban experiences, astonishing natural beauty, and a stop at one of the world’s iconic wonders,” said the Four Seasons in a press release.

The full Timeless Encounters 2023 itinerary can be explored here.

Ancient Explorer 2023

Like Timeless Encounters, Ancient Explorer 2023 is another popular itinerary and Four Seasons is offering it yet again in 2023.

Covering “10 captivating destinations [in] 24 days,” this itinerary stretches from August 16–September 8, 2023. Starting in the Sates, this jet takes off from Miami, goes on a tropical journey to places like Bora Bora and Easter Island, visits the Great Barrier Reef, stops at the Ancient Pyramids, and finally ends in beautiful Madrid.

Accompanied by free time for travelers to enjoy all 10 destinations, the Four Seasons also offers its own unique experiences.

“In a hands-on cooking class, a local chef shares the techniques and spices that give Thai cuisine its multi-layered flavors, giving you the chance to not only cook but also enjoy the dishes that you make,” says the Four Seasons.

The price of Ancient Explorer is the same per person as Timeless Encounters 2023 at $190,000 and the full itinerary can be explored here.

Uncharted Discovery 2023

Wrapping up the Four Seasons’ final private jet vacation of 2023 is Uncharted Discovery, a 21-day journey that stops at only seven destinations, allowing travelers to soak in the diverse histories, cultures, and climates of these bucket-list locations.

Uncharted Discovery 2023 — like its 2022 trip that is still available for booking — starts in New Orleans and travels to Costa Rica, Machu Picchu, Buenos Aires, Antarctica, Bogotá, and safely lands in the Bahamas. The 21-day trip extends from November 30–December 20, 2023.

This exhilarating itinerary will take travelers to surreal destinations and offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as Iguazú Falls, the Bogotá Philharmonic, and even an Antarctica expedition.

Visiting an entire lifetime of must-see people, places, and cultures, it’s no wonder why Uncharted Discovery is the priciest option of the three newest additions. At $205,000 per person and a $20,500 solo traveler supplement, all rates on a Four Seasons private jet are based on double occupancy.

The Four Seasons invites travelers to “explore the rugged wonders of Antarctica, the mysteries of majestic Machu Picchu, and the vibrant rhythms and flavors of South America on this expedition through the enchanting southern hemisphere.”

The full Uncharted Discovery 2023 itinerary can be explored here.

Be sure to do your research before locking down a 2023 itinerary. Check out the Four Seasons website for full details on this year and next year’s private jet adventures. You can also learn more about the machinery you’ll be flying around in, the all-new Four Seasons private jet.

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