British Company Rewards Employees With Free Vacation to Spain for Pandemic Work

Everyone loves it when their company gives them incentives and recognizes their hard work, but usually, the incentives are for selective top-performing employees of the company. How would you react if someone told you that there is a company that is rewarding all its employees with a free trip? Yes, you heard that right, all its employees. There are a few companies that walk the talk when it comes to the well-being of their employees, and this UK firm is certainly one of them. As a “thank you” gesture for working through the pandemic, a British recruitment agency Yolk Recruitment is offering its staff a holiday. The recruitment company based in Cardiff has recently announced that it is taking everyone ie its 55 staff members and “not just the top billers”, to Tenerife, Spain. Tenerife is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, off the coast of North-West Africa for four days, on an all-inclusive company holiday in April.

While announcing the news on LinkedIn, the company stated that this paid-for holiday comes on the back of “historic 2021 results”. “Yolk Folk are off to Tenerife. That’s everyone. Not just the top billers or those that played a part in our historic 2021 results, but EVERYONE,” the recruitment agency said in the post on LinkedIn.

The company, while detailing the reason for such an incentive said, “Our purpose is building a culture where everyone wins! Which means no one can be left behind on this all-inclusive company holiday.” Pointing that the recruitment company could be one of the first Cardiff-based companies to offer such a holiday to its employees, it wrote, “We might be one of the first Cardiff based companies for such a company-wide (not just target hitters) , all expenses paid employee holiday and that’s only possible because we strive to be #Bright #Bold #Better in everything we do, internally and externally.”

Praising the company for its gesture, one user wrote in the comment section, “Now that’s how to look after your employees.” As per a report by BBC, the recruitment company estimated that the trip will cost more than 100,000 pounds (roughly ₹ 1crore) for the four-day break.

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