I was snared by Tinder Swindler’s pal

A WOMAN has revealed how she was snared by the Tinder Swindler’s mate – but says she only realized who he really was when it was exposed on the Netflix documentary.

The Brit with Israeli conman Simon Leviev’s business partner Avi on Tinder and the pair had a whirlwind romance as he splashed out on dinners and hotel rooms before she escaped his clutches as she hated his jet-setting lifestyle.

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Simon Leviev conned women out of huge sums of cash as he pretended to be a billionaire diamond merchant

One Brit has revealed she dated Leviev's pal


One Brit has revealed she dated Leviev’s pal

Fraudster Leviev, real name Shimon Hayut, cheated a string of women out of huge sums of cash while pretending to be a billionaire diamond merchant who traveled the globe.

But the anonymous woman – known as “Sarah” – told the Daily Mail she only realized she’d met the so-called Tinder Swindler after watching the Netflix doc and was horrified.

“I realized within seconds that it was the Simon I met, and Avi popped up a couple of times. I recognized the bodyguard as well. It was just like a movie, but this was real life,” the 36-year-old doctor said.

“To begin with, I could laugh about the craziness, but quickly I became scared thinking how close I came to being hurt.’

Sarah says her and Avi’s relationship fizzled out as she “wasn’t interested in developing a relationship with somebody who wasn’t in one place”.

The pair matched on Tinder in 2017 while Sarah was visiting London from the north of England.

Snaps on his profile showed him on private jets and in luxury cars, and they started exchanging messages.

“It took my phone number and we started WhatsApp messaging. We also spoke on video calls, so I realized his profile pictures were definitely him and he was not catfishing me,” Sarah told the outlet.

Sarah says Avi “immeidately” told her he was “always in different countries” – clocking up more than a million miles a year.

“It just didn’t seem real,” she added.

“He said he had lots of business interested including diamonds, real estate, a transport company, credit consulting and business management.”

Sarah and Avi eventually met in London at the Four Seasons Hotel in Park Lane, where he was staying at the time, and they had a drink at the bar.

“Suddenly this entourage appeared,” she said.

“There was Simon who was dressed head to toe in designer clothes wearing pink lens glasses and a couple of girls – one was Israeli and the other a blonde Scandinavian girl living in London.”

Sarah says the group had a bodyguard with them “because of all the diamonds they had” while two Rolls Royce’s took them to a restaurant and club.

The pair continued to speak on the phone every day and a couple of weeks later, Avi sent Sarah a plane ticket to fly her out to Berlin, where he was staying.

“We had a nice evening having dinner and a few drinks,” she said.

To begin with, I could laugh about the craziness, but quickly I became scared thinking how close I came to being hurt

“The next morning Simon kept ringing Avi, He didn’t pick up for a while, but when he did, they had this tense conversation in Hebrew, I had no idea what they were talking about.

“Then Simon burst into the room, whiIe I was still in bed. He was saying they had to leave immediately and a car was waiting downstairs for us.”

Sarah says Leviev told Avi that a “deal” in Amsterdam had “gone wrong” and that they had to leave “straight away”.

“They asked me to go with them, but by then I just wanted to go home,” she said.

“Yes, it was fun and exciting, but they were cross, and there was an element that they were trying to put across that there was some form of danger.”

But while waiting at the airport, Sarah says she saw Leviev video calling “numerous girls” – telling each one he loved them.

“As soon as the calls ended, he was straight onto Tinder, swiping and matching with every single girl, and then messaging the ones he matched with,” she added.

Leviev enjoyed a lavish lifestyle funded by lovestruck women, who he showered with gifts before deploying his cunning plan – leaving them penniless after duping them into handing over huge amounts of cash after pretending he was in danger.

Victims believed he was the son of Russian-Israeli gem tycoon Lev Leviev, dubbed The King of Diamonds, but in fact they are not related.

In all, he is said to have swindled a whopping £7.4million from a string of women with his web of lies.

The Tinder Swindler often shared images of his lavish lifestyle


The Tinder Swindler often shared images of his lavish lifestyle

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