Why Tammy’s Trying To Ruin The Slaton Family Vacation

The Slaton family went on a well-earned vacation in 1000-lb Sisters season 3. Tammy tried to ruin the vacation to get back to her unhealthy diet.

The Slaton family finally went on a much-needed vacation in 1000-lb Sisters, but instead of enjoying her time away with her siblings, Tammy tried her best to foil the Smoky Mountains getaway. As soon as the clan of reality stars arrived at their cabin, Tammy threw a tantrum and demanded one of her siblings drive her back home. Although Tammy might blame weak ramps for her aversion to enjoying the trip, here’s why 1000-lb Sisters fans think Tammy’s just trying to ruin the Slaton family vacation.

while 1000-lb Sisters season 3 has featured Tammy’s difficult weight loss journey, it has also highlighted the reunion of the Slaton siblings. Over the years, the Slaton family has gradually reunited in Tammy and Amy Slaton’s reality series. Most recently, the pair’s sister, Amanda Halterman, joined the show to help motivate Tammy to lose weight with her own fitness story. Unfortunately, Tammy and Amanda have already gotten into a handful of disagreements. Tammy’s known for starting arguments with her siblings, but the reality star’s altercations with Amanda are on another level. Where Amy might hold her tongue, Amanda has no problem standing up to Tammy. Fortunately, the five Slaton siblings intended to put their differences aside for a well-earned vacation.


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Regrettably, the Slaton family’s trip hit a few bumps in the road. Amy shared that although it was only meant to be a six-hour drive, it took the family members 12 hours to get to their hotel. Once they arrived at their cabins, however, Tammy was inconsolable. While all of her siblings were exhausted and ready for bed, Tammy threw a tantrum claiming that she wouldn’t be able to get into her room. The reality star called on one of her siblings to drive her back home, but Amy, Amanda, Misty, and Chris were determined to enjoy their vacation. Tammy even added that she wanted to go home because her stomach hurt, but 1000-lb Sisters fans think Tammy was just dead set on disrupting what should’ve been the perfect family vacation. A Reddit user asserted, “Everyone knows [Tammy’s] making it up to try to get her way.”

Tammy Slaton in 1000-lb Sisters

Tammy’s siblings tried everything to get their sister involved in the Slaton family getaway, but Tammy bewildered viewers with her adamant refusal to engage in the vacation. Fans have a few explanations for Tammy taking on the role of the party-pooper during the Slaton siblings’ trip. One reason why viewers think Tammy was so opposed to the vacation is that she didn’t have any space to give into her food addiction. A fan theorized, †[Tammy] wants to hunker down somewhere and eat.” Tammy argued that it was too difficult for her to breathe up in the mountains. An observant viewer pointed out, however, †[Tammy] couldn’t breathe in the mountains WITH AN OXYGEN TANK.” Unfortunately for the reality star, Tammy’s flimsy excuses only convinced the Slaton family’s followers that she didn’t have a legitimate reason for disrupting her family’s trip. Another commenter added, “All a show because Tammy wanted… fast food.”

Tammy’s made a habit of putting her siblings through the wringer at home, but 1000-lb Sisters fans hoped the entertainer could’ve left the drama in Kentucky and enjoyed the getaway. Unfortunately, Tammy’s siblings and followers saw through her flimsy excuses and believe she tried to ruin the family vacation because she wanted more control over her diet. Luckily, Tammy’s siblings managed to enjoy their trip without the troubled 1000-lb Sisters star.

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Tammy Slaton in 1000-lb Sisters

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