The Weekend Away Trailer Reveals Leighton Meester’s Murderous Vacation

Netflix has just released a trailer for their thriller, The Weekend Away, and it reveals what looks to be a mysterious, anxiety-inducing, whodunit. Slated to debut on the streamer March 3, 2022, The Weekend Away is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Sarah Alderson

The trailer shows us an exhilarating vacation gone horribly wrong when best friends, Beth (Leighton Meester) and Kate (Christina Wolfe), leave their lives behind for a weekend in Croatia. Married with a baby, Beth is at first a little wary about their trip abroad, but is quickly sucked into the spirit of it all with single friend Kate who wants the two to celebrate and enjoy their time together. Egged on by Kate, the duo heads out for dinner followed by an exciting evening at a packed nightclub. While inside the club, men begin to approach the women to which Beth objects, as she is married, and wants to head back to their hotel.


Things take a very dark turn when the teaser abruptly cuts to Kate’s lifeless body floating in the sea. When Beth wakes up the next day, with seemingly no recollection of the prior night’s events, she soon becomes frantic as she discovers her best friend has vanished without a trace. We next see Beth at the morgue where she asks the mortician and a set of detectives if the death was an accident. Immediately, Beth is treated as the number one suspect by the police who heard from others at the club that she and Kate were arguing the entire night. After being accused of her friend’s murder, Beth’s passport is taken from her, ensuring that she can’t flee Croatia.

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Beth is now launched into a quest to find the truth behind her friend’s disappearance. As the main suspect in the killing, she hopes to uncover an alibi as well as discover who the real killer or killers could be. With deception at every turn, who can Beth trust to help her unravel the brutal slaying of her best friend?

Directed by Kim Farrant Strangerland), the film is executive produced by writer Alderson and Kari Hatfield† Producers include Erica SteinbergCharlie Morrisonand Ben Pugho† Starring in the dark mystery alongside Meester and Wolfe are Ziad Bakric and Luke Norris

Check out the trailer for The Weekend Away below and be sure to head to Netflix on March 3 to watch the puzzling murder mystery unfold.

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